First things first! These are podcasts that I have been following since I found myself looking for inspiration during the pandemic in 2020. Men can enjoy these just as much as women can. I prefer these because they appeal to everyone. I have chosen these 5 podcasts for powerful women on the move because I have noticed growth in my personal life since listening. I wanted to share the wealth!

  1. ‘Graceful Gladiator!’ Hannah Place is a native of Arizona who has blessed women with her podcast, ‘Graceful Gladiator.’ Hannah is a pastor’s daughter with a testimony that begins with red flags during previous relationships, divorce and how God has used her throughout all of these experiences.
  2. ‘Jemele Hill is Unbothered!’ Jemele Hill is a native of Detroit, Michigan, who began her career as a female journalist at ESPN. Before her podcast took off, she was one half of the host of the show, ‘His and Hers.’ In ‘Unbothered,’ she interviews some of the biggest names in pop culture, sports, and music.
  3. ‘Therapy for Black Girls’ is a podcast by licensed psychologist, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, based in Atlanta, GA. The ‘Therapy for Black Girls’ podcast is a weekly chat about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best versions of ourselves.
  4. ‘Life with Marianna!’ Harnessing Your Power as an Influential Woman. Marianna Hewitt has been an influencer in the LA and New York scene for over 10 years. I have had a dream of moving to LA for a while now. She went from blogger/you tuber to creating and owning her own skin care line, ‘Summer Fridays!’ On her podcast, ‘Life with Marianna,’ she interviews models, fashion entrepreneurs, and IT girls regarding their journeys from stardom to being at the top of their game. I have found this platform to be extremely inspirational!
  5. ‘Paging Dr. Chanda,’ is a podcast by clinical psychologist Dr. Chanda Reynolds. She laughs, loves and teaches from a very lighthearted stance on some pretty heavy and important information. She touches mainly on mental health from the African American perspective. Dr. Chanda interviews entrepreneurs, entertainers and prominent figures in the mental health realm.