Many of us grew up on reruns of classic sitcoms like Good Times, Different Strokes, Gimmie A Break, Full House, and Family Matters.

These family-centered television shows highlighted the importance of family time.

Back then, it was considered cool to be involved in family activities. As the decade’s past, many of these types of sitcoms disappeared and “reality” television became popular. These types of shows showcased the arguments of families. Since then, family activities became less popular and are seem as lame.

However, we need to normalize family time again. This is really important for the younger generation. It shows that no matter what goes on in the world, your family will always show you the bright side of things.

Yes, families argue and go through hardships, but that’s life. There is not one family on this earth that is perfect, not even the rich ones.

When I was younger, my family and I always celebrated our birthdays together. We’d go to our favorite restaurants or to the movies to enjoy our time together.

Here are a few activities you can do with your family:

  1. Have a Barbeque: Who doesn’t love food?)
  2. Movie Day: Many of us enjoy watching movies anyway, we might as well watch them with people we love)
  3. A Family Cook Off: Again, who doesn’t love food? We all have those relatives who swear they’re the best cook in the family)
  4. Memory Lane Day: Take a look at your family’s photobooks together and laugh at your uncle’s photo from the early 1990’s)
  5. Game Night: Playing uno with family members really prepare you for the world)

In all honesty, I really hope family time will make a comeback. There’s so much going on in this world, it’ll be nice to hang out and have fun with your family often.