“Giving someone the satisfaction of getting us out of character? Not this year!”

We should treat our reactions like we treat money. It should be hard for others to get it. If you don’t know, there’s people in this world who live for negativity. Their goals are simple: be arrogant and bring others into their toxic atmosphere. Although we try our hardest to ignore them, sometimes they get the reactions they were looking for, when we’ve had enough. This, disgustingly, makes them happy. Now, they believe they know how to get under our skin and will try consistently to bother us.

However, here’s four things we can do before we react.

Think, literally.

10 times out of 10, it’s not worth it. The situation nor the person is worth getting out of character for. When you really think about it, you start to notice how crazy it would be to stoop down to their level.

A little pep talk works wonders.

No, you’re not crazy for talking to yourself, especially when you’re trying to block out negative energy. We need times where we remind ourselves of who we are, where we’re going and why we shouldn’t allow others to bother us.

Laugh about it.

Laughing has always been a way to forget about things or simply make your day better. Think about how foolish this person looks for thinking they can control how you react. Who do they think they are?

Carry on, continue winning.

Once you’ve noticed that not reacting is the best decision, continue your day. You’re winning for focusing on things that matter. The good energy in your atmosphere will carry on into your success.

It’s always best to be the bigger person whether we want to or not. By not reacting, we’re proving that we’re in a league of our own and nothing can bring us down.