Healthy hair starts with the roots…literally. There’s a deeply rooted bond between the scalp and the health of our hair, so brushing off proper scalp care is not the best idea.

According to Healthline, “Disruption in the balance of the scalp microbiome [and follicles] has been linked to dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis (a condition that causes dandruff and scaly patches), and atopic dermatitis (eczema),”  and scalp issues as such can stunt hair growth, trigger rough hair and breakage, and affect the overall well-being of the hair. The skin on our heads deserve love too, so if you’re noticing irritation, flakiness, itching, or excessive hair shedding, you may want to consider giving Maria Nila’s Head & Hair Heal Booster Masque a try. The 100% vegan and cruelty-free hair care brand, Maria Nila Stockholm, provides high-quality professional products, and they recently released a collection of six new finishing treatments filled with highly concentrated active ingredients, one for each care and style need.

Maria Nila was one of my favorite brands that I tried in 2022, so there was no doubt it would be part of my “New Year, Best Me” mission for this year.

I added the Head & Hair Heal Booster Masque to my wash days, and it’s been extremely worth it. Here’s why:

Maria Nila’s travel sized, rinse-out hair booster is a deeply nourishing finishing treatment that soothes the scalp and stimulates hair growth. With hero ingredients Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, this booster masque helps remedy greasy, itchy, and flaky scalps for a more pleasant and healthier hair experience. The 50 ml finishing treatment leaves the hair shiny, super soft, and lustrous in just three minutes. Yes, only three minutes. With a fast-acting formula and low Ph value, this booster masque replaces conditioner and standard hair masks following usage, giving you that “straight from the salon” feeling.

The masque is also formulated with a Sunflower seed extract-based Colour Guard Complex that protects colored or tinted hair from color loss caused by washing, styling, and UV rays. Aligning with Maria Nila’s dedication to the environment, all of the Booster Masques have a 100% recycled aluminum tube and a 100% recycled plastic cap.


I have naturally textured hair, and although oiliness is one of my biggest hair concerns, I tend to experience dry scalp in the winter months. So, I get this weird combination of both extremes with an out-of-balance scalp. That said, I figured the Head & Hair Heal Booster Masque would be the best fit for my hair, with its repairing formula for all hair types that particularly addresses dry scalp and sensitive hair. Since using the masque for a couple of months, I’ve had less hair fall out, a cleaner scalp, and noticeably softer hair. After each use, my hair is more manageable and it gives the perfect, non-greasy silkiness for my presses.

I tend to seek out products that don’t give a weighed down or sticky feeling on my thick (and temperamental) hair, so I love how lightweight this booster masque is. Plus, adding this to my rotation definitely cuts my wash time down in half. To use the Head & Hair Heal Booster Masque, shampoo your hair, then rinse completely. Follow up with the masque, applying it all throughout the hair– from the scalp to the ends. It has a sweet, long-lasting, allergen-free scent with a floral blend of white jasmine and linden blossom, and it smells delicious. Then, I detangle my hair with a Wet Brush (The masque really defines my curls). Let the masque sit for three minutes, rinse out with cold water, and you’re done! My hair seems to really soak up the masque, so I like to use a generous amount on my scalp and hair. Therefore, I probably go through the tube faster than those with finer or shorter hair.

Not all labels that specify “For all hair types,” truly live up to that promise especially for ethnic hair; however, with confidence, I can say that Maria Nila’s Head & Hair Heal Booster Masque is black girl approved and leaves my hair “happier” after using. I’d definitely recommend tapping into each masque to see which would best suit your hair and needs!

To shop the Booster Masque collection or to learn more about Maria Nila, click here!