Red Coral Universe, a new free-to-use, OTT streaming platform is pleased to announce the holiday film, This Christmas Chance, is now available on its free-to-use service which is available on all phones, tablets, and computers, as well as Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, LG Smart TV, Google TV, and Samsung Smart TV.

This Christmas Chance tells the story of Chance Phillips, a successful entrepreneur with a bright future and a dark past. While trying to build his business and right his wrongs, Chance meets Gabriel Dupree, a beautiful doctor who has a few secrets of her own. The two hit it off but everyone isn’t rooting for the new couple to succeed. The bitter, the broken, and the badge have aligned to destroy the couple’s chance for love and a joyous Christmas season.

Shot on location in Houston, the film features a talented cast, including Benny L. Andrews (Why Wait?), Caleb Bean (Message and the Messenger), Ashley Forrestier (A Nashville Legacy, Strange Love), and nationally renowned comedian and public speaker, Ali Siddiq. The film was directed by William Collins (KILD TV, The Caretaker) and written and produced by rising filmmaker and New Orleans native, Leah Pride, and This Rock Entertainment.

“I’m thrilled to share This Christmas Chance with a global audience on Red Coral Universe,” said writer and producer Leah Pride. “It’s important to have so many great options for family entertainment during the holiday season and we want everyone to give this film the ‘chance’ it deserves.”

“We launched Red Coral Universe to celebrate independent artists such as Leah Pride and showcase their amazing talent,” said Red Coral Universe Founder and CEO Larry Meistrich. “This Christmas Chance is a wholesome, holiday film that’s suitable for the entire family.”


Benny Andrews as Chance Phillips

Caleb Bean as Lazarus Thomas

Ashley Forrestier as Gabriel Dupree

Ali Siddiq as himself

Directed by

William Collins

Written by

Leah Pride

Produced by

Terrell Lewis, Marcus & Leah Pride

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