The Night Before the Wedding 

Kevin and Sophie, a timeless love story that has had us on a rollercoaster for the past 6 years finally gave the fairytale ending we’ve been hoping for! Their paths crossed again at Kate’s wedding and the couple reminisced, forgave, and rekindled the love that we’ve always seen and appreciated. While childlike at once, it has matured as the two of them have blossomed into the people they were meant to be.


While Miguel is a prominent character in the series, we don’t know much about him. We finally got a look into his life with the help of Randall, Kevin, and Kate – getting him the help he needed when taking care of Rebekah. We’re taken through his childhood, young adult years, and elderly years which he went through all the stages trying to find his identity and fit in. His home seemingly became Rebekah, which he remained her humble lover and caregiver for years.

The series finale of This is Us airs on Tuesday, May 24th.