Meet Canadian Ghanaian skincare entrepreneur Nana who is the founder of Coco Nyle, after years of struggling with skin condition Acne she decided to start her own beauty venture. Birthed from passion and striving to educate others on how to take care of their skin and reinforcing “Imperfect skin is still beautiful”. Coco Nyle Skin believe that nature encompasses ingredients that have the power to heal, nourish and restore the skin and moving away from mainstream cosmetics that incorporate synthetics, toxins, and fillers. We speak with the skincare enthusiast and discuss what distinguishes the brand from other skincare brands and much more. 

What inspired you to start Coco Nyle Skin and what is the story so far?

Growing up, my battle with acne went from applying countless topical products, to going on Accutane twice—only to find my acne returned after a couple years. This frustrating journey and desire for clear skin led me to do extensive research and discover the benefits of natural skincare. I started doing a lot of natural skincare DIY at home to figure out what worked for my skin. The results were amazing. Eventually friends and family were encouraging me to start my own skincare line to help others which birthed Coco Nyle Skin. My skin is not perfect, but it has gotten better with consistency and understanding and having the knowledge of what I am putting on my face.

Tell us about your career background and how do you juggle it with being an entrepreneur?

Currently, I work as a Payroll Specialist. Juggling full-time work has been a big challenge for me because sometimes the needs of my main job can overshadow my business. I have learned to set boundaries and intentional time when it comes to working as an entrepreneur. If I don’t need to work overtime for my corporate job, I don’t do it.  My business is a form of self-care for me. It’s another avenue where I can express my creativity and do the very thing, I am passionate about.  I am intentional about the time I give to both.

As you are a mother, how do you balance motherhood and business?

I don’t think I will ever find balance when it comes to motherhood and business. Motherhood is my biggest motivator when it comes to running my business. It is one of the greatest things that ever happened to me. Although it also comes with many challenges my daughter motivates me to keep working. I am a mother and a business owner. They are both mutually exclusive because I find each role important to me, in different ways, I find time to navigate them both.

Can you tell us about the products, and do you have a favorite?

I currently have five products. I have for your glow-ry moisturizing butter, i’m just a hue-man moisturizing serum, In the mist of it repairing toner, all things dew black soap cleanser and suds-day best gentle cleanser. I think my favorites would be the I’m just hue-man serum and in the mist of its toner. They are both my best sellers and I understand why!

Currently there are a plethora of natural skincare brands now. What distinguishes the brand from other skincare brands?

I believe what makes Coco Nyle Skin different from other skincare brands, is that we are passionate about educating our customers and reminding them that no matter what state their skin is in, there is still room for them. Skincare can be a lot of information and for a beginner who is starting to dive in, they may not understand what they need to do to nurse their skin to healthy. As a black woman, that was my experience. It can be a very overwhelming process, Instead, Coco Nyle Skin wants to educate and promote simple and enjoyable ways to cultivate healthy skin. We believe that skincare can be quick and easy while still having effective results regardless of where you are in your journey. Our mantra, is one we hold dear to our hearts, “Imperfect skin is still beautiful”

Nana what are your tips for healthy clear skin and share your skin care regimen?

The first thing I would say is do not compare your skin to anyone else. We are all on our own unique skin journey and I believe that is the beauty of being human and the key to truly loving your skin regardless of where it is at. Then the next thing I would say is being consistent and patient with your skin. Healthy skin does not happen overnight, your skin is on a journey and not on a marathon be kind and gracious to yourself you will eventually see the results.

My skin care regimen is very simple, I do not like to do a lot to my face because my skin can easily break out. I use a lot of my products into my regimen. In the morning I use the suds-day best gentle cleanser, followed by the in the mist of its toner and moisturize with the I’m just hue-man serum + SPF. At night I do the same thing except I add hyaluronic acid before the moisturizing serum and alternate my cleanser from all things dew black soap cleanser or Fresh soy face cleanser depending on how my skin is feeling. In addition, I exfoliate 1-2 a week and do a clay mask at least once a week to detox my skin.

Are there any obstacles you have found in starting a business and how do you overcome them?

One of my biggest obstacles is the curse of perfection. Feeling the need to have everything perfect because you compare yourself to other brands and where they are at. It stifled me and my business in many ways. I think how I overcame it, is being honest with myself and asking for help where there is need. I must remind myself that I’m new to the game, things won’t be perfect and sometimes that is okay, small steps are better than none.

What has been the most surprising thing about running your own beauty company?

This is such a good question.  I think the most surprising thing about running my own beauty company is wearing all the hats. You are the admin, the accountant, the marketer, the bookkeeper, and the brand strategist, especially in the beginning. It can be a big shock and overwhelming at times.

Who would be your dream customer?

My dream customer is the new mom who forgets to shower, so she can’t take time to wash her face and is experiencing post hormonal breakouts, it’s for the student who is stressed about exams and is still struggling with her skin, it’s for the working corporate women who has early morning and long nights and is just too exhausted to take the time to unwind, so she forgets to wash her face. Coco Nyle Skin promotes diversity regardless of where you are in life. It encourages those who are caught up in the chaos of life to take a step back. It’s okay to take care of yourself, skincare is selfcare. 

Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

I see big things for Coco Nyle Skin. Black business needs to dominate the marketplace so one of my goals is to make it to major retails stores such as Walmart, Target, and Sephora. I would also love to be hosting skincare workshops to educate people on the basic things about skincare that isn’t always talked about. Education is so essential; many people don’t know where to start because of the lack of knowledge so I would love that to be another side my business offers.

You can find the brand here.

All images courtesy of Coco Nyle Skin