Ti Taylor, half of the viral girl group The Taylor Girlz, relaunches her multimillion-dollar skincare line Underneath Skin Care after selling out multiple times. Taylor, Influencer, artist, and mogul, is reintroducing Underneath Skin Care with a new look and product line following the original launch in 2019. Since Underneath Skin Care has perfected its ingredients after years of trial and error, Ti personally found the right ingredients that work for her.

Underneath Skin Care is targeted toward consumers with acne, following Ti’s personal struggles with acne and congested skin, but it also features products for ‘glow’ and hyperpigmentation. Underneath Skin Care’s Relaunch delivers top-of-the-line packaging, a wide variety of products, and earth-conscious ingredients targeting all skin types.

Underneath Skin Care products consist of a 9 product line. Each product consists of handmade, organic, and natural ingredients. The formula of the products will stay consistent with the company’s original launch. In addition, each product targets every skin type, delivering the results the customer wants.
The featured products:

  • The Acne Kit ($175): A unique 5-step formula to help soothe and enhance your skin, all while addressing and correcting acne.
  • The Glow Kit ($129): Maintain your month-to-month glow.
  • Body Acne Kit ($109): Two-step formulation that helps fade dark spots and removes body acne, leaving you with smooth, glowing skin.
  • The Acne Oil ($59): A unique mix serum designed to renew, restore, and enhance the skin, all while addressing and correcting acne.
  • The Eye Cream ($59): Revitalizing formula will make your eyes look bright, rested, and youthful.
  • Facial Cleanser ($59): All-natural Cleanser removes dirt and buildup on the skin.
  • Acne Face Mask ($59): Treats stubborn acne and acne marks.
  • Morning Toner ($34): Shrinks the appearance of pores while nourishing and refreshing your skin.


During the first 4 months of Underneath Skin Care, the company made more than 1 million dollars setting a successful foundation for the company. Finally, after three successful years of business, Underneath Skin Care will deliver over-the-top packaging, new and improved content, and the collaboration we have all been waiting for.

Underneath Skin Care 3.0 plans to relaunch exclusively on starting August 31st, with worldwide shipping.

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