Okay, now let’s here it for the purple blushes in the back.

Recently, beauty enthusiasts in the world of TikTok have been dabbling into purple blush, and honestly – I’m so glad they did. At first, you’re probably hesitant to want to try purple blush, but when I tell you this new blush trend is taking over the popular platform, I really mean that.

TikTok creators such as Rachel Rigler and Kevin Lee are two beauty enthusiasts who are responsible for the rise of purple blushes and I’ll forever be thankful.


thoughts on purple blush?? 💜🤔 #blush #makeup #beauty #purpleblush

♬ original sound – Rachel Rigler


I’ve seen this all over and was SO scared to try purple blush but WOW omg 💜 #fentybeauty #purpleblush

♬ INFERNO – Sub Urban & Bella Poarch

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