Yep, you’ve read that right! TikTok has decided to take over the kitchen. According to Business InsiderTikTok Kitchens will serve its viral meals curated initially by the app’s users. So, no, we will not have to go on a hunt for pomegranates, blueberries and whatever else goes in “Nature’s Cereal” to feel that sensational TikTok love. Instead, professional cooks will prepare trending meals, including Corn Ribs, Baked Feta Pasta and many more. The popular menu will change seasonally and based on the current trends. 

By March 2022, the addictive platform plans to open 300 ghost kitchens. Have you ever heard of a ghost kitchen? No? Here’s the deal. Ghost kitchens do not include a storefront. Instead, meals are prepared within national food chains and delivered directly to the customer. So as of now, we will not be able to dine in. However, we can enjoy these meals in the comfort of our homes and make cool videos to go along with them. 

Come March, if you don’t have a TikTok Kitchen in your area, don’t fret! The current mother of social media apps plans to open at least 1,000 locations by the end of 2022. 

One might wonder, how are they able to do this? Well, TikTok has partnered with a company that works with ghost kitchens, Viral Dining Concepts, and GrubHub will deliver the meals. According to the platform, proceeds from the chain will go towards the success of the creators.