“Tina vs. HoodCelebrityy.” releasing Friday 5/17.

Shedding her former stage name like a cocoon, Tina emerges in her most authentic form yet, proving she is a force that transcends any label. This dynamic project features 10 original tracks that blend the rhythmic pulses of dancehall, reggae, and rap with the raw energy of ‘sexy drill’. Offering the potential to become this summer’s go-to soundtrack.


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Tina vs. HoodCelebrityy Tracklist:

  1. Funny Funny Funny

  2. Hype Me Up

  3. She’s A Fan

  4. Pressure

  5. Stop It

  6. Roses

  7. Dolly

  8. Dem Stress

  9. Skin Out Di Red


Tina has carved out a unique musical niche, fusing elements of Dancehall, Rap, Reggae and R&B. Her hit singles, “Walking Trophy,” (68M views) “Bum Pon It,” (32M views) and “Champion,” have garnered millions of views and streams, cementing her status as a rising star who seamlessly bridges cultures. Her versatility and high energy as a performer has led her to open for multi-platinum acts such as Shaggy and Cardi B, further solidifying her place on the global stage. However, her decision to transition from Hoodcelebrityy to Tina signifies a significant shift in her artistic journey.