If you’re a fan of feel-good, R&B music, you’re a fan of Tink. Born and raised out of Chicago, a city where the majority of artists who rise are rappers, Tink arrives as a breath of fresh air in the music industry, creating heartfelt, soulful ballads for audiences all around the world to enjoy. 

Exploding onto the scene with her 2014 smash “Don’t Tell Nobody” alongside Jeremih, the R&B songstress then caught the attention of superproducer Timbland, who introduced Tink to L.A. Reid and his label Epic Records. From there, she released the next installments to her standout project Winter’s Diary… speaking her truth while blessing us with her smooth and sultry vocals. 

Fast forward to 2021, Tink teams up with Hitmaka for her highly-anticipated new project Heat Of The Moment, released via Winter’s Diary / EMPIRE. The 14-track project hails standout features from Yung Bleu, Jeremih, Davido, and Kodak Black, showcasing her elevation in not only her professional career, but personal life as well.

Sheen Magazine caught up with Tink at her Los Angeles show at The Novo, opening for Queen Naija on tour. Read below as we discuss opening for Queen Naija, performing in her hometown of Chicago, working with Hitmaka on Heat Of The Moment, what Winter’s Diary Tink was like, beauty go-to’s, Black Girl Magic, dream collabs, and more!

For those who don’t know, who is Tink?

Tink is one of the realest R&B artists in the game, from Chicago. One of the realest! From R&B to rap, a feminist. A hard-working woman.

How’s tour been? You’re opening up for Queen Naija.

Yes, we’re on the Butterfly Tour. Tour’s been lit! All the ladies are coming out, it’s just a vibe. To see two women on tour together, it’s crazy right now. Every night has been crazy. It’s been love, each city’s been turning up!

How does it feel to be back performing?

Performing is crazy! I get to perform my new album, Heat of the Moment, so a lot of the songs are new. To see people connecting with the records is everything to me.

How was it taking the stage in your hometown of Chicago?

Man, Chicago was sold out. The Theater, we sold it out at 3,000+! It was crazy, I haven’t performed in Chicago in 2 years, so it was like a Homecoming night.

Damn 2 years? 

Yeah because of Covid, and not being able to be outside. This was the first time in a while that I performed on stage. The city really showed out. It really meant a lot to me to see that bitch sold out. [laughs] It’s a lot of love at home. I put my city on my back so they show the love at home.

Heat Of The Moment out now, how are you feeling?

Man, Heat of the Moment was such an inspiration for me, because it’s produced by Hitmaka.  

I got to interview him and all he could talk about was you. 

Wow, that’s crazy. That’s what makes it special. He’s from Chicago too, he’s from the same city so the collabs together were crazy. It was a time of growth. The album is definitely elevation. I really appreciate it, what he brought to my world. It was a dope album. 

What was the synergy with him? 

Just vibes! In the studio, he’s a different type of producer. He always brings out different energy from me, and he took me to a new place. It was just a fun time. It wasn’t hard to do, I really enjoyed making that album!

What inspired the “Heat Of The Moment” visual?

We shot that video with my boy Dan. We had some crazy ideas, we wanted to look fly. We wanted to show me being grown, compared to when I first started. I was a young girl and now you see the adult Tink. It was a sexy moment, you gotta watch it! 

What’s that Winter’s Diary Tink like? That was 2011. 

So that’s my core, that’s my first mixtape. That’s the first mixtape that I ever did and dropped, my fans really connect with Winter’s Diary. My biggest hits are on that mixtape, “Treat Me Like Somebody.” That’s what I made in Chicago so it feels like home. It’s gutta, it’s authentic. I appreciate people, they still sing these tapes today. I perform it now, they still know those records. It’s really my baby. 

How was it working with Kodak Black? That’s a dope feature!

It was! Actually, Kodak Nlack reached out through my label. I haven’t really gone in the studio but he was crazy about doing a song together. We knocked out 2, 3 records. He’s a genuine guy. He fucked with my vibe, I asked him to get on the album and he had no problem. He sent his verse back in a day.

No way! People wait forever for those features. 

Yes, and he sent his back quick. It’s love with Kodak Black! I got love for Miami. He’s another one of the realest, so it’s nothing but love.

What are your beauty go-to’s?

I’ll be honest, I really love Mac. I’m all in Mac always. If they ever want to do a product placement, call me! To be honest, I like being natural a lot. I do mascara and a lil lip gloss, I’m very simple and to the point. It’s God’s beauty, you don’t need much. I’m natural. Natural beauty is coming back in style. I’m here for my natural girls! 

What inspires your fashion sense?

The hood. I like to pay attention to where I started and before that. Whether that’s a Gucci bag, or a Louis Vuitton purse, I’m inspired by the hood. I still got my big hoop earrings. I think the hood inspires music culture too. I’m definitely a Louis girl. 

What does Black Girl Magic mean to you?

Black Girl Magic is being original. Black Girl Magic is the energy you bring. Whether you dressed up or dressed down, whether you’re in the hood or in a fancy 5-star hotel, it’s about what’s within. And that’s what I try to bring to the game: authenticity, being true to yourself. Black Girl Magic has nothing to do with the appearance, it’s about what’s inside of you.  

What’re you most excited for next?

Man, 2022 is gonna be crazy. I’m working on new music. I’m putting together a headlining tour, something special for my girls. Look out for more women empowerment. I’m all about working with other women. Women are running the music game right now, so you’ll see a lot more of that. Collaborations, I’m just supportive of everybody. Every woman in the game that’s doing their thing, I support you. I wanna make sure we stand up for ourselves next year.

Anyone else you would like to collaborate with?

I’d love to collaborate with Summer Walker. I’m playing that album, Still Over It. Kehlani is another, she’s actually from the Bay. 

I’m from the Bay!

Turn up, I love y’all energy. SZA, she puts on for us girls that feel awkward. I love her uniqueness. Those are my top 3. 




Featured Image by Shaun Michael