Taneeyah and Meniyah Biscette, best known as the TM Twins and two-thirds of Cette 3, to their loyal fans, have been announced as the new faces of H&M’s Global Spring Campaign for 2022. With brand partnerships like FashionNova, Jurllyshe, YouNow App, Body by Snatched and Care Less Blend More Cosmetics under their belts, these ladies are ready to take themselves worldwide with this ad campaign, shot in Houston, the Niyah and Tee are depicted in the bold bright colors and new H&M products. They have also featured in two collaborative dance videos for the brand in which they showcase new pieces from the collection and demonstrate that twinning has not gone out of style.

The TM Twins are part of a girl group with their younger sister Krissy with a K, as a trio they are known as Cette 3. Hailing from Houston, Texas, these three young ladies are not to be trifled with. Huge social media stars with over 2.8M followers across Tik Tok and Instagram, plus over 8M likes, these fierce females know exactly what they are doing with their trajectory to success.

From the age of three, each of the girls started honing their craft, dancing a variety of disciplines, continuing to do so in a technical and professional way. However, Krislyn, the youngest of the three decided dance was not her thing but she had been bitten by the musical bug and so started to explore music further with drums and piano.

Church choir was a staple in Cette 3’s upbringing and it was here that they learned to tune into their career desires. After a wildly successful talent show when the three were under seven years old, with a rendition of Justin Beiber’s ‘Baby’ catapulted them into the forefront of everyone’s minds. But they had not yet found their sync together. Niyah concentrated on her singing with various vocal coaches, Tee continued with dance and Krislyn was more focused on playing instruments and basketball.

Niyah and Tee continued their dancing even getting to dance with the legendary Debbie Allen allowing them to get into a dance magnet school in jr. high.

Krislyn took her interest in drums and piano more focused with lessons at the Fort Bend Music Academy, she also joined a band at school. Krislyn continued to play and train in basketball, her favorite since 3rd grade.

But it’s social media that was to be their path to stardom. Spotted online by YouTube star Funny Mike and their now producer Mr. One 9. They reached out to Cette 3’s mom-manager to see if the young girls were interested in taking it to the next levels.

After connecting with their vocal coach Ms. Patrice, they got into the studio and the rest they say is history. Their debut song, written by the band, ‘Christmas with You’ was released on 24th December 2020 and has gone on to over 430K views.

They have since released several singles, won 1st place in the Coast-to-Coast Live Artist showcase, interviewed with 97.9 the Box, 953 Jamz, 102.5, and many podcasts.

This new H&M campaign will put them into the mainstream spotlight and make them household names. So, watch out for what’s next for Cette 3 and the TM Twins 2022 will be a great year. They are also proud to announce admission to Clark Atlanta University as well as Cette 3’s performance at the Sound of Styles on May 7th to spark the awareness of mental health.

To check out the TM Twin’s H&M Spring ’22 Campaign or more information about Cette 3 or the TM Twins, please check out their Instagram @hm @tm.twins @Cette3. Check out their new single, “Been That Chick” which is currently No. 1 on the Triller Billboard Chart!

For Tik Tok: @Krislynnn.n – +880K likes, @therealtm.twins – +7.7M likes

Photocredit: Mr. Onenine