AYE FIVE is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. Self-taught in all his disciplines, AYE FIVE is a multi-talented artist who has built his own record label PAINT YOUR PICTURE RECORDS. Anthony Balentine is the man behind the AYE FIVE persona, he now oversees the production on all his own projects.

Anthony is driven by his passion and a deep sense of purpose that he can help others through the sound of his music. Music has many healing properties and can transport you back in time or to memories you thought were long forgotten, this is what drives Anthony in his career.

Proud of his ancestral roots and his upbringing on the rez in Big Cypress, Anthony is powered by his desire to become the first-ever Native American to get a major label distribution deal, he wants his legacy on this earth to be forever remembered as one of the best hip hop storytellers.

Influenced by South Park Mexican and J Cole to name a few; his biggest achievement so far in his music career is winning a coast-2-coast live contest two years ago.

This taste of success has spurred him on to write, record and release his own music. She Aint Perfect debuted in 2019, followed by Illusionz in 2021. His latest single Reflectionz is out now.

AYE FIVE is currently working on his debut album. You can find him on Spotify (AYE FIVE), YouTube, and Instagram.  Check out this new project, “Better Version.”

Featured Image by Paint Your Picture Records