Tomika ‘Mikk’ (pronounced meek) DePriest, is a results-oriented marketing communications professional with a proven track record for working with executives, teams, individuals and small businesses to generate marketing and communications outcomes, specifically in the areas of media relations, social media, strategic speaker placement and other thought leadership tactics.  Her experience developing and executing campaigns ranges the gamut from the launch of Goodie Mob’s first album to the roll out of a new multi-year Spelman Wellness initiative which won the PRSA-GA Phoenix Award for best overall campaign of the year in 2013.  She is currently re-branding the services she provides under the new company name, The BrandMaiden, focuses entirely on helping businesses and individuals repair their reputations when mistakes or errors occur with customers/consumers. She also serves as Senior Director of Communications at Emory University and in 2019 was part of a team that won a PR News award for our Emory Votes campaign, a voter education and registration initiative that made significant impact both on and off campus.

What inspired you to pursue your passion?

At the age of 3, I was already talking and reading at age 4 with a love for writing.  All of those skills provided the basis for my interest in pursuing a career in marketing and communications.  At Spelman College and Clark Atlanta University where I earned undergraduate and graduate degrees, I was able to hone these skills, create new competencies and begin my career.  I knew at an early age what I wanted to do. There were others who tried to direct me to a career in medicine.  Once I became confident in myself and the fact that major decisions about my life must be made by by me (regardless of what people think), I’ve never looked back.  That was actually in college, an experience for which I am grateful because it helped me solidify the kind of work I love to do as well as the type of jobs I do not desire to do.

What advice would you share for thriving in 2020?

Put God first or tap into a higher power by practicing meditation and mindfulness.  Self-care may seem like a new buzzword, but it’s more because there is a rising number of people suffering from anxiety and depression.  If you are not mentally, emotionally and physically well, your business definitely will not thrive.  Your health and the overall health of your business is inextricably tied together. 

What is next for you?

I am just in the early phases of launching the BrandMaiden, building a new website and the overall communications and marketing plan, which includes social media platforms, Instagram and Twitter.  I am evolving from simply providing services to developing products that my clients can integrate into their daily marketing and communications operations.  For example, I just released my first e-book with Glambitious, “What To Do When the SH_T Hits the Fan?” which is available at or @TheBrandMaiden.

I also am developing an app to provide individuals and small businesses with real-time PR and marketing resources when the sh_t hits the fan.

Please share your favorite affirmation.

Innovation requires risk.  I learn from my mistakes

How can readers connect with you online?

IG: @mikkdepriest @BrandMaiden

Twitter:  @mikkdepriest @BrandMaiden





Photo Credits: Mikk DePriest & Emory University