Tony Robinson, popularly known as Tony The Closer is a man that truly knows what he’s doing! Whether in the world of business or real estate, Robinson has dedicated himself as a sales expert and mentor to help empower others through his new book, The Closer’s 21 Proven Secrets to Close More Wholesale Deals in 30 Days with NO Sales Experience. We caught up with him to discuss his book, the movement he created called IT’S OUR TURN, and much more!

Where did the nickname Tony The Closer come from?

That comes from my sales background. I started off in the auto industry back in 2007.Between 2007 and 2012, I became one of the top auto sales man in the country. That’s where “The Closer” came from

Tell us about the movement, IT’S OUR TURN.

A lot of people become divisive making money. I wanted to build a community of people that empower one another to make money together, regardless of race. I wanted to have something that pushed positivity towards a common cause.

What inspired the creation of your book, The Closer’s 21 Proven Secrets to Close More Wholesale Deals in 30 Days with NO Sales Experience.

A lot of people have been reaching out to me just asking questions about wholesaling. It’s one of those things that is growing very popular right now with people that would prefer to work from home than a traditional 9 to 5. The process of wholesaling is pretty straight forward but what I saw that a lot of people were struggling with the sales and conversion portion. The book gives them the insight on how to do it, talk to sellers, and so forth.

Tell us how you have worked with the youth during quarantine.

I really wanted to make my training accessible to as many people as possible, so I started my Rona Proof Training which really took off during quarantine. People weren’t able to go out and do traditional work and they were looking for a way to supplement the income that they were missing. That’s exactly what I teach with wholesaling. It’s a virtual wholesaling. I teach the system of how you can find homeowners that want to sell homes quickly so that we can do business with them. We’ve hit $1.2 million dollars from people that have gone through the training since the pandemic started.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

More of the same. I’ve been putting an effort towards first and foremost, making sure that we have financial literacy in the community and show ways on how we can use real estate to help continue to build generational wealth. I want to empower more people and that’s something I want to continuously share. The strategies changed my life and I want to be able to help other people’s lives. I want to show the importance of real estate and how we can get started without having to have a lot of credit or a real estate license.  

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All images courtesy of Tony Robinson