Torae & Marco Polo return with a vintage hip-hop song in “More Dainja,” exclusively through Audiomack.

Torae doesn’t take anyone lightly with the opening lines “None of these rappers are my homies, most are two-faced and phony…” He reflects on today’s rap scene and how his persona is timeless in any era with the lines “gon’ be a cold day in hell to find another this real, ask them if they bars up, they’ll probably gon’ check on their cell. If I write it, I recite it or I got it for sale, that’ll cover the house note, fuck the XXL. My vibe’s so Quincy, I ain’t come here to fail, guess The Source material is too real. Used to dream of five mics until I seen it required price. Y’all don’t hear me though, y’all out DM’ing buying likes…”

The scratches by Shy The BeatYoda provide an authentic late 80s-early 90s feel to Torae’s proclamation to the rap scene today. “More Dainja” is a sign of what’s to come for Torae and Marco’s newest album Midnight Run coming September 22, 2023.


Torae often can be found either on set or in the studio. The Coney Island native’s career spans several decades as an emcee, an actor, a radio host on Sirius XM, co-host of the Hard2Earn Podcast with Bonsu Thompson, and the President of the NY Chapter of The Recording Academy. He hosted shows on REVOLT TV and BET. Torae’s music career goes back to the 2000s and his All Praises Due album with Praise in 2018 was covered on Rap Radar and 2DOPEBOYZ. Follow him @Torae.

Photo by Jonathan Velasquez on Unsplash