The R&B, Pop singer talks Black Music Month and shares timeless wisdom passed down from Legendary Temptations singer Otis Williams.

R&B Pop singer Trace Austin is no stranger to entertainment. The artist first turned heads last year with his debut single “Place 4 Me” feat. Nastassia Smith and returns with his sophomore single release “I need to see you” feat. All That Val. Having graced some of Hollywood’s biggest red carpets, the recording caught the attention of his industry peers and has already proven that he’s as good as the best of them.

The grandson of Otis Williams, founding member of The Temptations, Austin opened up about the timeless career advice his grandfather gave him. “Make sure you’re dealing with the right people and always take care of business first. Take your craft seriously and put all of your time and dedication into being the best artist and musician that you can,” he said.

It’s a song so many people can relate to and you can hear the confusion and frustration that he feels as he sings. Austin poured his soul into the latest track and it embodies the true meaning of what it means to fuse Rhythm and blues with pop. Known for his unique style of music that he describes as “Very embracive with a variety of genres with old school influence,” the singer is destined to make his mark in music and continue his family’s legacy of music.

We was close but you got a man now so you know that’s an issue. I aint stalking but you know for a while I’ve had my eyes on you. I’ve been spitting game you say I’m such a young man so what’s the move. I’m on the next flight out taking off cause you know I need to see you. I need to see you, I need to see you, I need to see you, I need to see you,” he sings in the hook of his latest single.

Stars like actor Anthony Bless of Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless” recently took to social media calling Austin “The Young Stunna!” while another music peer commented, “Keep up the hustle” on a recent Instagram post.

Trace Austin sat down with Sheen to discuss the latest single “I need to see you,” Black Music Month, and much more.

What inspired your latest single?

My latest single “I Need To See You” was produced by Trace Austin and Church Boy Scotty. The single is based on my first crush. There was a beautiful girl that worked at the resort in Maui and I was young, but I always found a way to order poolside service for the entire day. I had a crush on her and when I left I kept thinking about her. Therefore, I wrote a song about her because she doesn’t work there anymore.

What does black music month mean to you?

It’s culturally the foundation of all music genres. Black music has inspired rock and roll, blues, country music, and if you do the history, reggae music, and if you want to talk about classical Beethoven; was a mixed-race man, so I think we need to celebrate the language of love which is music. Music has UNITED the world.

What’s your most memorable moment while recording your latest single?

When my producer stopped in the middle of recording, “Trace, are you writing about that girl in Maui again!” I just had to start laughing I was so busted.

When did you first realize that you wanted to be a performer? How did you prepare yourself?

When I went on stage with my grandfather at 6 years old, my mother started putting me in musical performances at 7 years old. I got an adrenaline rush when I started performing. I then started preparing myself by taking drumming lessons, studying other performers, and taking acting lessons as well for my acting career. I did a film that won best short in the revolt film festival, I was the lead of the show, “Curiosities of the quiet Boy”.  My parents realized that I had talent and focused on helping me achieve my dreams. “I believe you must put in the work and I live by this advice given to me by my grandfather Otis Williams, “The Temptations”.  I have a lot more work to do but every day I work hard to grow as an artist/actor.

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