Award-winning actress, Tracee Ellis Ross is doing the damn thing in the beauty industry! Besides the fact that her beauty brand, PATTERN Beauty is doing amazing things in the hair world, we’ve just learned that the fashion icon and CEO has signed with Ulta Beauty to bring more diversity and inclusion to the popular retailer store.

In a press release, Ellis Ross said, “I look forward to formalizing an already existing dialogue and partnership around diversity and inclusion with [Ulta Beauty CEO] Mary Dillon and the Ulta Beauty team.”

She added, “This work requires commitment and accountability from Ulta Beauty to ensure measurable goals are achieved. I am hopeful and optimistic our work together will create foundational change.”

We know that with this new role, the actress will help the retailer store build up their diversity in terms of the brands they offer to leadership for individuals that work for the company.

The press release for Ulta Beauty confirmed that Tracee Ellis Ross will present at executive Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) council quarterly meetings.

We can’t wait to see the things you do for Ulta Beauty, Tracee!