Know who you are getting involved with before you get too comfortable in the relationship; they may not be as traditional as you are led to believe.

Dating should not be something you jump into for the sake of “it feels good” especially when looking to date somebody traditional. If the traditional type is what you want when looking for a partner to share your life with, stay focused. Be prepared for the fakers. There are more ups and downs than you can count, not to mention major disappointments, if they are faking traditional values just to get close to you. What sounds, smells, looks, and dresses good is not always real. Are you looking for someone with traditional values? If you are, allow them to showcase those values for you before taking their word they are the traditional type. Do not be so eager to fall for every hook, line, and sinker they tell you. There is nothing worse than falling in love with someone who after you have invested yourself, time, and money is a fraud.

We are still living in the day and age where people will say and do whatever they have to in order to get what they want, even if it hurts you down the road. Yeah, those “old school playa” dating games are just as popular today as they were back in the day. If you want someone who works just as hard as you, keep your money in your pocket so you can see what they are working with. I am sure you got it together and can take care of yourself, but showing your bag is not always wise. If you are looking for someone who is a homebody and loves spending time with you, make sure you see that demonstrated throughout your dating . More importantly know what traditional values you are looking for in a partner upfront, so you can send everyone who does not fit what you are looking for home.

Do not be afraid to say no. Everyone is not deserving of your time. If you want someone who wants a family later on and can hold their own when it comes to making a living, you got it made. Sometimes people enter your life as if they are God sent: job or career solid, head on straight, and knowing they want to share the rest of their life with you. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy, and many times it is the total opposite. After getting to know them and becoming invested in wanting to be with them, you find out they do not know what they want to do in life. They cannot hold on to a job. They are not responsible when it comes to handling their personal affairs and financial obligations. Even worse, they expect you to prove your love to them by supporting them and what they are doing. When they were dating you, they were on time and had themselves together, but now you see that persona was not real and they are a fraud.

Wanting a traditional partner just means you are traditional yourself and there is nothing wrong with that. Just be careful when dating. If you go too fast, you will miss something that will cause you to be unhappy later in the relationship if you are not careful. A non-traditional person dating is not looking for the family life the way you are looking for it, and they can be careless about responsibility. In fact, it is all about them and their needs. Slow down. Take your time since not everyone wants what you want when it comes to being in a relationship. Many people love the idea of being in a relationship but not doing what they need to do to keep the relationship healthy. Once in a relationship, not everyone is looking to stay home with you, cook dinner every night for you, do yard work, or keep a job, which are just some of the basic requirements in having a traditional partner or relationship.

Be upfront about what it is you are looking for no matter how desirable the other person seems since you are in the relationship together. If a traditional relationship with a traditional partner is what you want, be patient and never settle for something else for the sake of being alone. Take your time getting to know them so that you can see how they react under pressure and if they live up to your version of the traditional partner.

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