When you have Nick Cannon backing you, you know you’re doing something right. Insert TRAETWOTHREE, one of the multitalented artists signed to Nick’s Ncredible label venture in partnership with Art@War and Atlantic Records. In fact, Nick even equated him to the amazingly talented Kehlani. 

Nick states, “TRAETWOTHREE is a fresh new voice in R&B. I have the same feeling about him as I did when I found Kehlani.”

Hailing from The Crenshaw District of Los Angeles, TRAETWOTHREE isn’t your typical recording artist from LA. His sound can be described as feel-good R&B, creating bangers for what he sums up as “LA at nighttime.” Put on any of his records on that night drive and it’s an automatic vibe.

Now, TRAETWOTHREE returns with his highly-anticipated EP titled Long Story Short, at the same time dropping his new single and visual titled “Watch It Grow” featuring Sevyn Streeter. The project sees standout features from Symba, Kalan.FrFr, Sevyn, and Pleasure P.

Currently on the Future Superstar Tour with Nick Cannon, TRAETWOTHREE has been on the road living out his wildest dreams on the big stage. One thing he wants fans to take away from his music is his versatility, and his ability to touch your soul with his smooth and sultry vocals. 

Sheen spoke with TRAETWOTHREE to discuss being on tour with Nick Cannon, the inspiration behind “Outside Like This,” collaborating with Sevyn, the new project, his fashion, the late PnB Rock showing him love, and more!

How’s the Nick Cannon Future Superstar Tour treating you?

It’s good. I’m loving it. It’s tiring to be honest, but I still love it. 

This your first time on tour, how do you prepare for something like that?

To be honest, you can’t really prepare for it. They don’t really tell you how crazy it’s going to be. How hectic it is, everyday. The time changes, different time zones. Getting off the bus, going straight to the venue. Right after the venue, straight back on the bus to go to the next city. The next city. Those long drives on the bus, you have to get used to it. In the middle of the tour, you start getting acquainted to the lifestyle.

Has there been a highlight?

I just love performing. The performances are the highlights. I’m getting good reactions to my music, it’s dope. It’s the official first time [on tour], so it’s cool to see different things. How people react. 

What’s been the craziest city so far?

It’s between Anaheim and Houston.  Houston definitely popped out and went crazy!

What’s the camaraderie with everyone on the tour? 

It’s cool. Everybody that’s on the tour is like family. We got Symba on the tour, Hitman Holla, DW Flame, 24kGoldn, Big Boss Yvette, Jilly. Those are all people I rock with anyways, who I’ve been had a connection with. It’s like being with family for real. 

How’d it feel when Nick Cannon said you reminded him of Kehlani? 

That’s big. The fact that he even found her, that’s huge. It’s definitely a big weight on my shoulders, but that’s big. 

What do you think Nick saw in you?

I remember when I first met him, he said I reminded him of himself. Down to my hustle and down to my consistency. I’m pretty sure he’s been around a lot of people that’s talented, but the work ethic was there. The fact that I always make music every day in the studio, always trying to figure out a way to make things happen. He could relate to that, because he’s a man of many ventures. A lot of businesses, always on the go. Always moving around. I was on the same thing, just trying to make the music happen.

Love your new song, “Outside Like This.” How are you feeling?

Man, the reactions are doing what it’s really supposed to be doing. I didn’t know it was going to have this type of organic vibe. It’s organic. Joe Budden had shown me love on his podcast, big shout out Joe Budden. I’ve been hearing it on Sirius XM Radio, it’s been the DJs’ pick. They’ve been showing a lot of love, and that’s just organic love you can’t even ask for.

How was it when you ran into your ex during Grammy weekend?

It was funny. It was a wake up call. [laughs] I really didn’t even know she was that type, so I was shocked. I was thrown off. Furious. Territorial. It’s all good though.

Did you record the song on that night? 

Yeah. Soon as the party was over, as soon as we left the club, I went home and made the song. I made it right there and then, in the studio. 

Have you talked to her? 

Nope, I haven’t talked to her. I think she got a little situation now, so I don’t know. But I know she heard it fasho, the way it’s going.

What inspired the music video?

The video is pretty much spot on for the story of the song. I wanted to come up with something creative on how to tell the story. I felt like that little little meeting where everybody’s just sitting down, that was the best way to paint the picture.

“Watch It Grow” vide0

Talk about linking with Sevyn on “Watch It Grow.” 

Aw man, shout out to Sevyn. I love Sevyn. We were in the studio when I made it. I already had the record, I was just playing records. She was in love with that record. As soon as she heard that, we finished it right then. It was organic, once again. 

A lot of the collabs I have on this project Long Story Short are really connections. They’re relationships that are very organic. They’re not forced. I really rock with these people outside of music, so it was really easy. Sevyn went crazy on “Watch It Grow.” I already knew she would, she’s an amazing artist. We made it that same night. 

How did you guys end up linking?

She was in the studio. I forgot what session she was going to, but she ended up walking into the studio. It’s a lot of people that come through, in and out the studio. I saw Sevyn. We were all vibing. She was playing records, I was playing records. Everybody was playing records that night. The energy was right. The energy was amazing in that room that night, so it definitely transferred through that song.

Best memory from the music video?

Being able to see Sevyn perform. I’m a big fan of hers. Even though that’s my dawg, I’m still a fan of hers in general. To see her do her thing and really take over the song, the vibe, just everything. To see it come to life in the way she performed it was amazing to me, so I’d say that’s the highlight.

What can we expect from the EP, Long Story Short

You can expect good R&B, that R&B feeling is back. It’s a conversation that’s been going on around about has R&B left? Is it dead? But this solidifies it’s not. You can expect very incredible

collabs. I got Kalan.FrFr on the project, which is my favorite artist in LA that’s the latest coming up right now. I’m very excited about that one. My brother Symba is also going crazy out the Bay Area, he’s on there. Pleasure P, and of course Sevyn Streeter.

Why the title Long Story Short

It embodies my sound. I’ve really wanted to grasp who I am when it comes to my music, and this project tells that. Down to the newer R&B that I love and that’s in my generation, but also we give it a nostalgic feel with my song “Love”, which Pleasure P is featured on. What makes R&B R&B, down to the type of music and the sonics that I grew up with in my household. It tells who I am, it’s a long story short.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

Charismatic, that’s what I really go for. That’s my personality if I do say so myself. Just charismatic, I give the essence of luxury. I like to keep it real fly. It’s not too street, not too much streetwear or anything like that. It’s organic sexy. Good-looking. [laughs]

When did you get your Ncredible chain?

I got my Ncredible chain years years ago. I’ve been rocking with Nick for years. For years. I don’t remember the moment he gave it to me, it was so long ago. I’m really one of the first artists to really see everything grow on the label. Ncredible has been growing for so many years, but I’m one of the originals. The OGs when it comes to Ncredible, so it’s been some time.

Talk about linking with the late PnB Rock, I saw that you were in the studio with him.

That was my dawg man. Rock had reached out to me a while ago, just showing amazing love to me. On this particular time, this last time we linked up, I was fresh off of doing Wild ‘n Out. I told him “come to the studio,” and he came to the studio. We were playing beats. We caught a few vibes. 

He showed me a lot, even being a man. Watching the way he moved and the game he gave me while he was here. That was my brother. We got some dope, amazing records that we’re also trying to get out. I’m honored to have the last records that he made. We’re just trying to do it the right way, put it out the right way. That was my dawg, my brother for sure. He showed so much love to me, nobody in the industry has really done it. Just me coming up, he definitely was cosigning me heavy. RIP to Rock. 

Do you have a dream collab?

Probably Chris Brown, to be honest. Ty Dolla $ign and Chris Brown.

What are you most excited for next?

Oh man, I’m excited for the fans to hear what I’ve been working on. I have an amazing team that’s helped me put together this project, so I’m very excited to see what the fans feel. For any artist, when you hold on to the music and you put the plans together, it’s about seeing the reaction. Especially people going crazy about “Outside Like This,” I can’t wait to see what they do for the rest of the project.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine.