Germaine Bolds-Leftridge, a visionary entrepreneur and founder of IKNOW Skincare, is making waves in the beauty industry with her groundbreaking approach to skincare.

At 64 years of age, Germaine stands as a true testament to the adage that age is just a number. Not only is she a trailblazer in the beauty world, revolutionizing mature skincare through her visionary approach with IKNOW Skincare Treatment Solutions, but she also showcases her incredible talents as a songwriter.

Germaine’s soul-stirring songwriting skills have given birth to the empowering anthem, “IKNOW Queens Over 50,” a ‘feel good’ tribute celebrating the beauty and strength of women at this stage of life. With a passion for empowering others and breaking stereotypes, Germaine continues to inspire individuals of all ages, proving that pursuing one’s dreams and making a positive impact knows no boundaries.

Germaine Bolds-Leftridge is a true role model and trailblazer, breaking barriers and stereotypes in the beauty industry. She exemplifies that beauty knows no age limits and that age should never be a hindrance to pursuing one’s dreams.

Germaine’s passion for skincare led her to create IKNOW Skincare, a brand that challenges traditional beauty norms and empowers individuals to embrace their unique beauty at every life stage.

IKNOW Skincare is not just another beauty brand; it is a movement founded by Germaine Bolds-Leftridge to address the specific needs of mature skin and promote self-confidence and self-love in individuals over 50. With personalized solutions and a commitment to inclusivity, Germaine’s innovative approach to skincare is changing the narrative around aging gracefully and embracing one’s natural beauty.

The multi-faceted trailblazer, Germaine Bolds-Leftridge, celebrates the beauty and wisdom of women over 50 through her song, ” IKNOW Queens Over 50.” With empowering lyrics and a soulful melody, the song is a testament to the strength, resilience, and timeless beauty of these exceptional women.

Germaine’s uplifting anthem pays tribute to the significant contributions of women over 50, recognizing their profound impact on society and generations.

The empowering “Queens Over 50” song, written by Germaine Bolds-Leftridge, can be experienced on her official Instagram page, @detroitgermaine.

Join her in celebrating the beauty and strength of women over 50 as she spreads a powerful message of self-love and empowerment.

Germaine Bolds-Leftridge’s journey as a visionary entrepreneur is a testament to the power of passion and determination. Through her work with IKNOW Skincare, she inspires women of all ages to embrace their beauty, worth, and potential, regardless of societal norms or expectations.

About IKNOW Skincare:

IKNOW Skincare is more than just a skincare brand; it is a movement founded by Germaine Bolds-Leftridge to empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty and achieve their best skin health. Through personalized solutions and a commitment to celebrating diverse beauty, the brand challenges conventional beauty norms and promotes inclusivity.

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