Body Transformation Coach, Jane Mukami shares how to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle thought the year.

Each year we find ourselves setting goals to start a new health journey and somewhere on the road, we get a little distracted. We end up blaming it on the work schedule or simply not making the time to stay consistent with our new lifestyle. Whether you’re doing this to be more confident or to get over a rough situation that almost took you out last year, body transformation coach Jane Mukami has given us her secret to transforming bodies around the world.

How did you get started assisting people with their diets?

It started with me going through my own personal transformation. In 2008, my divorce was finalized and I found myself depressed and just in a bad place. I was doing a lot of stress eating, self-loathing, anxiety, all mixed in with fear. I gained a lot of weight and my “come to Jesus” moment took place one morning when a pair of jeans ripped. That’s when I made the decision to do something that would make me feel better and gain my confidence back. After five years, I was finally being noticed for my weight loss journey, which is when I discovered my passion for helping others do the same.


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