If you’re anything like me, you’ve been clinching your seat while watching HBO’s hit show, Insecure – in hopes that Molly and Issa find their footing again. The sprinkle of goodness in the storyline of last night’s episode was directed by Kerry Washington! Welp, sad news folks –we watched as Issa and Molly’s friendship continued on a downward spiral which ultimately led to Molly calling it quits.

After brunching together with a surface level conversation, it felt as though the pair would maybe meet again to discuss more in-depth topics but instead, a game night turned awkward when Molly accidentally text Issa a shady message about her that was meant for Molly’s boyfriend, Andrew. The show ended with an argument and Molly suggesting with the change they have been making individually don’t work well with them as a pair. I know, I know – I cried too. But it also had me thinking about what it’s like when transitioning out of a friendship you’ve cherished for years – having your “person” move on without you can be so bittersweet.

How do you move on and be okay – especially if you’re Issa in the situation and attempting to extend an olive branch?

Here are some ways to cope with the transition out of a friendship:

  1. Patience – Be patient with yourself and be at peace with the decision. Whether or not it was yours to make.
  2. Disconnect – Sometimes when things are really bothering me, I tend to dwell, I’ve found it super helpful to disconnect. Get rid of the app, jump off the phone, and occupy your mind with something else.
  3. Reflect – If this has been an important person in your life, now would be the perfect time to reflect. What was the impact of your relationship? While being their friend, what did you learn? How can you continue to become a better person?
  4. Feel the Way You Need To – No matter how long the relationship lasted, please remember you’re allowed to FEEL. Don’t be ashamed of crying, having a bit of anger, or honestly just feeling the situation. The sooner you confront those feelings, the less time you’ll spend in denial.
  5. Release – During this time have fun. Have exercise, tap into your hobbies, grab a drink with people who make you happy [or make them at home for safety measures, whatever floats your boat.] But just remember to release and enjoy yourself!

Of course, we’ll have to see where the friendship ultimately ends up on next week’s episode but if you’re going through it, don’t be afraid to process your personal journey!





Featured Image obtained from Yvonne Orji’s official Instagram