Hailing from Huntsville, Alabama, Translee is here to take over the rap game, bringing back that feel-good Golden Era of Hip Hop we all know & love. Today, he releases his highly-anticipated EP entitled Social Currency, focusing on the current climate of culture, and the effects of society and mental health. The 6 song project features T.I., Nuface, Zip K, and producers Half Tyme Slim and Snipe Young.

Through this body of work, Translee is bar for bar educating and reflecting on how times have
changed. Part of his three part roll out Translee is seeking to capture the attention of true music
lovers as he aims to change the perception of southern hip-hop through his conversational raps.
The term was coined from Translee to detail his rap style being relatable story telling of real
music, real people, real problems, real times and real facts.