National Avocado Day was yesterday, and we’re still celebrating. Osmosis Beauty has super nutritious skincare products that your skin will absolutely love, and we’ve got our hands on a couple of their avocado oil-infused essentials.

Avocados may be delicious in guacamole and on warm toast, but more importantly, they possess a lengthy list of benefits for our skin, hair, and overall health. High in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, avocados are superfoods that are extremely moisturizing. That said, when infused in Osmosis Beauty formulas, avocados help prevent dry skin, minimize breakouts, and fight against inflammation and wrinkles.

Moisturized skin equals happy skin. And even for those with skin that is oily or acne-prone, proper moisturization stops excess sebum from being produced and keeps the skin hydrated, which is a key component to healthy skin. If you’re experiencing irritation or damaged skin, these gentle Osmosis Beauty products could be just what you need to get your skin to its optimal health.

The Barrier Repair Mask is a restoring facial mask that I’ve been using with no regrets. Particularly for aging, sensitive, dry, and irritated skin, this restorative night mask is made up of a tropical blend of mango seed butter, avocado oil, cucumber fruit extract, and jojoba seed oil, that work to restore the skin’s barrier. Mango seed butter, a fat derived from mango seeds, is an ingredient that is becoming pretty popular in the beauty realm…if you haven’t already heard of it from “Beauty Tok.” Mango butter is a rich source of antioxidants and Vitamins C and E. When applied topically, this powerful ingredient promotes collagen production, protects against premature aging, and is a key catalyst in hydrating the skin.

Osmosis Beauty’s Barrier Repair Mask hydrates and soothes the skin while also aiding in the repair of the skin’s lipid barrier. This protective barrier, a.k.a the outermost layer of our skin, protects the body against all kinds of environmental disturbances that can cause skin damage. Your barrier might be compromised if you’re experiencing symptoms like breakouts, itchiness, or dullness. In most cases, damaged skin requires lots of moisture, so keeping the skin hydrated is super important in the process of restoring and maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

This moisturizing mask has a creamy and buttery texture like avocado, and it smells amazing. To use, before bed I spread on a thin layer of the mask, using my ring fingers, to my face and neck. I let the mask sit for about 10 minutes, then I rinse. This mask makes my skin feel super soft, and it doesn’t leave my skin looking or feeling dry like a lot of other face masks on the market. In many cases, masks can be messy, sticky, and heavy on my skin, which just makes the process unenjoyable. Barrier Repair, however, allows for a mess-free experience with an easily smoothable formula, that doesn’t get my hands (or sink) messy.

After masking with the Barrier Repair Mask, I follow up with the Nourish Avocado Facial Oil. This facial oil is a frequency-enhanced, organic avocado oil that works to restore skin integrity and a natural glow. The Nourish Avocado Facial Oil firms, boosts skin plumpness, and brightens the skin, and I’ve been using this daily both in the morning and at night. This power-packed, virgin, cold-pressed organic oil is definitely one you need to try if your sensitive, blemish-prone, or dry skin is in need of a rejuvenation. The smell of the Facial Oil is so fragrant and earthy, and my skin is left with a fresh, glowy finish.

To use, I take the provided pipette and apply a small amount of the oil to my skin and smooth it in. The facial oil absorbs easily into the skin and is pretty concentrated so a couple drops will do. Osmosis says the oil can also be mixed in with a moisturizer to double up on moisture!

These yummy avocado-infused products have been leaving my skin hydrated and softer than ever. Providing simple, professional, and results-focused beauty and skin care, Osmosis Beauty is shaking up the industry with non-toxic products and treatments that holistically restore the skin with scientifically validated formulas. To shop and learn more about Osmosis Beauty, visit!