On TreLow and Burgy’s new single “What’s Understood,” they spit on the hook: “What’s understood ain’t gotta be explained. I ain’t like the majority, I ain’t the same. What’s understood ain’t gotta be explained. I’ma just put in the work until they know my name.”

While both artists relocated to Texas for better opportunities, they were both raised in Bossier City, Louisiana — and they’re here to put their city on the map. Now, they prove the power in collaboration by coming together to create a joint project called From Bossier With Love, spearheaded by lead single “What’s Understood” featuring Hoolibaby Neeno.

Growing up to the likes of Master P, Lil Wayne. Jay Z, and Tupac, Burgy fondly remembers“ listening to my favorite artists on the radio who was catching my ear.” For TreLow, music was always played in the household and engrained in their culture in the South. Whether they’re going to a cookout or family reunion, everyone is listening to music.

The two artists first collaborated in high school when they both attended Parkway High School in Bossier City. Years later, Burgy reached out to TreLow for another collaboration. After that, they supported one another for several years without working together. As time passed, they both continued working and creating music as solo artists releasing different singles and projects. In 2022, Burgy went on to create his debut album “92”, where they collaborated again after several years. From there, the chemistry was unmatched and they knew they had to come together to put on for their city. The project is about leveling up, reflecting on the past, and real life day to day situations. 

Sheen spoke with TreLow and Burgy in downtown Los Angeles to discuss their names, their sound, relocating to Texas from Louisiana, the new project, and more!

First question for those who don’t know, who is TreLow and Burgy?

TreLow: I’m a pretty serious guy. Pretty serious about routine, discipline, being goal-oriented, and determined to win. That’s what I’d say to describe myself personally.

Burgy: Me, I’m more laidback. Goofy, chill. Down to the tee.

How’d you guys get your names?

TreLow: My government name. It’s a piece of my first name and a piece of my last name. I just put it together.

Burgy: I recently changed mine. It was originally Retrokid, but everybody was getting the name and that whole retro movement mixed up online. I ended up switching it. Burgy is actually my real last name, I know somebody can’t take that away from me.

TreLow: He basically took what I did. [laughs] I’m playing.

Burgy: [laughs] Ain’t gon’ lie, he said “I’m looking online, people got your name everywhere.” I had already thought about that. I wasn’t aware that the name was being used so much, so I was like how are all these Retrokid’s poppin’ up? I’m probably the original though. That’s the reason for the name change.

What was Retrokid for?

Burgy: We started as a little small group between me and the cameraman right here. [points to cameraman] We were really into retro stuff, so after I went solo I just took the name Retro. Made Retrokid.

How would you guys describe your sound?

TreLow: I have a wide variety of music. Some of it is storytelling, getting into my story. I do a lot of real life music, day to day stuff, so anybody who’s living life can relate. You don’t have to be in a certain space or financial bracket, everybody can relate to it. When it’s time to have fun, I go have some fun too. I like to throw a little bit of everything together sometimes, depending on how I’m feeling. But more than likely, you’re going to get some real day to day, real life type stuff.

Burgy: We got the same style, I’m pretty versatile as well. Most of my catalog consists of real life events, or how I’m feeling this day, how I’m feeling that time. Or something from the past that I’ve never really talked about, that I bring into the song.

What brought you guys out to Texas?

TreLow: After graduating college in Louisiana, I moved to Texas for more opportunities and bigger jobs. More money, more resources, more things to do. Because in Louisiana, especially where we’re from, there’s not many things to do. If you grew up there and you did those things, when you get older, it’s the same shit over and over and over. So getting out, doing something different, branching out, trying to go bigger than home was priority for me. This was before it was music, just in life period. It also comes with exposure to a lot more than what I’m used to. You start thinking oh, certain things are really possible. 

Burgy: For me, it was a job. I was trying to be closer to Texas, because my job was in Texas. Even though I was there living in Louisiana. After a while, you get tired of those drives. You got a 9 hour drive sometimes. If you live further like New Mexico area, you’ll be close to 10 hours. That’s what really made me go out there. 

Where are you guys currently working?

Burgy: I still work a 9 to 5, to get this going. I work for an oil field company. That’s why I moved to Austin, Texas, because that’s where most of the oil is. 

TreLow: I’m a mortgage loan originator right now. I do mortgages, help people refinance and buy homes. Looking to buy a home? I’m licensed in California!

That’s on my list, but I’m terrified.

TreLow: Forreal? Especially out here huh? You’ll have a real responsibility with these mortgage payments. [laughs]

Houses are expensive in LA! You could probably get a two story house in Texas for a little shack out here.

TreLow: Not in Dallas anymore! Because people out here sold homes when COVID happened. They took the money from selling the home and they went and cashed out in Texas. Texas prices are going up, and the values started going up. 

Burgy: We giving y’all some free game out here man.

TreLow: Yeah, stay away from Texas. [laughs]

Talk about the meaning in the title From Bossier With Love. Obviously, you’re trying to put on for your city.

Burgy: That’s mostly what it is, we’re trying to put on the city now.

TreLow: You nailed it.

Burgy: They gon’ know the name real soon. It’s gonna come out more fluently, you’ll say “Bossier, Bossier..” You’ll start hearing it so much.

TreLow: [laughs]

One song that fans should listen to and why?

TreLow: If I had to say one song, I’d say “30.” Although that’s not the single, the single is “What’s Understood.” “30” because it tells a story. It explains some of the stuff we went through in this interview. I went personally from a youngster up until my current age, talking about my life. What has happened and where I’m at today. I give you a good idea of who I am, within one song. On the backend of that song, he did the same thing for himself. That‘d be my song I’d tell people to listen to because it gives you a lot. If you like good music, it has the element of good music but it also can make you tap into who we are. Okay, this is the type of guy. This what he’s into.

Burgy: For me, I’m gonna say “Barksdale Days,” because it’s really gon’ tell a lot about what’s going on with the project for sure. You’re gon’ know exactly who we are. Because if you don’t know after the first couple songs, you ain’t listening. [laughs] That’s one of the fun things about the project. For me I’m going “Barksdale Days,” a lot of hidden gems in it. A lot of stuff that’s gon’ be appreciated.

What is it you want fans to take away from your story?

TreLow: That’s a great question. If you put your mind to it and grind to it, you can do anything. As I always say: if you change the way you look at things, the things you’re looking to change, basically it’s a perception thing. Even going back to the beginning of the interview, thinking bigger and going to Texas to try to get more opportunities, think big. That’s my thing, inspiring people to do that. 

Burgy: Just keep going. Dark days don’t last. Believe in yourself. That’s the main thing, have faith in yourself.

Check out new album “From Bossier With Love” below

Photo Credits : @xavn_themoor