You work hard, you take care of a lot of other people, I want to be able to take care of you”


Comedian Trichina Arnold hosted her second annual Beauty Bar Brunch at her lavish home in Los Angeles, California. It was a celebration of Black women, Black beauty, and Black business. No stranger to Black excellence, Arnold starred on Martin – one of the most Iconic Black TV shows of the 90s. Known for her outgoing personality and infectious energy, fans around the world were never quite quenched of their thirst for her comedic performances and stellar ability to host events. She would team up with star actress Tisha Campbell to host the Soul Train Music Awards in 2021 giving them exactly what they wanted – Comedy and Charisma.

But this time she was entertaining, inspiring, and pampering women from Hollywood’s front lines to the women leading from behind the scenes – the screenwriters, journalists and entertainment executives – all in her very own living room. The ladies became sisters, friends, and supporters as they bonded over brunch. Black-owned brands like Graham Beck’s Brut Rose, Skreball’s Peanut Butter Whiskey, and QMixer’s Spectacular Bloody Mary Mix were gifted to each woman just in case they were ever in the mood for a good drink.

Not even the heavy, treacherous rain – a rare visitor to Southern California would stop the Beauty Bar from serving each guest the best of brunch, inspiration, and gifts. The storming on the outside only served as a reminder that it was time for the women to push through, press through, put on their raincoats, and shield themselves from all that was dark and gloomy. They defined what that moment would mean, what that moment would be – a beautiful memory in their minds because come hell or high water, they needed each other and they had each other.

Arnold caught herself as she opened up the floor welcoming the women into her home. “You guys,” she exclaimed before abruptly stopping herself. “I’m sorry, Ladies,” she whispered softly. The late Cicely Tyson had told Arnold years earlier to never refer to women as guys – it’s something she’s held on to. Arnold went on to explain the reasons why she’d be arming the group of women with an arsenal of Black-owned beauty products to combat every enemy of their image – body, mind, and soul.

I want this moment to be that time when you feel lonely, think about this day. That moment when you feel like you’re alone and no one understands you, think about this day. Those moments when it’s kind of hard for you to make certain decisions, think about this day. I want this day to be a beautiful memory in your mind because we need each other,” she said.

Presented with over 40 amazing Black-owned products, Arnold wanted each of them to leave her abode not only with their hands full, but their hearts full as well. The women were gifted with pampering products like Caprina’s Fresh Goat Milk bubble bath, The Radiant Rhino’s Tranquility lavender shower steamers, Beautiful Amore Skincare’s Triple Butter Vegan Body Bar in Rosemary Lemongrass for bathing and showering and Viju’s Body Butter.

The beauty boxes were also filled with facial products like So Fresh Skin Co.’s Calm Lavender face mist, Lunalis’s Gold Extreme Face Oil, Aloisia Beauty’s Propolis Collagen Gel, Berlin Skin’s Matcha Mask, Yves Rocher’s Hydra Vegetal Anti-Fatigue Moisturizing Fresh Gel, Yany Skin’s I’m Flawless Nettoyant, Barber’s Perfect Glow, and Doctor Barbor’s Masks. Bare August’s Oh So Bare foot file, The Pottle’s The Blender Groove, and Beautifect’s nail file made its way into the beauty boxes as well.

As Black women we like looking good, smelling good, and feeling good and all that good,” she said. Her prayer was that everyone leave her home a different woman. They would leave differently for more reasons than one. Each guest received Beautifect’s Beautifect Blender, Vivid Bella Cosmetic’s Vivid Lashes Magnetic Eyeliner and Vivid Lashes, Grande Cosmetic’s Mini Lash Envy AM & PM, and Estate Cosmetic’s Mystic Forest pigment palette to enhance her natural beauty.

Hair products designed specifically for Black coils like Le’Host’s Moisture Retention Shampoo, Mayraki’s Ultimate Botanical Moisturizing Oil, Masami’s Mekabu Styling Cream, and Rucker Root’s Daily Leave-In were nestled away into the beauty box as well.

You work hard, you take care of a lot of other people, I want to be able to take care of you. And I want you to always feel comfortable, I want you to make a new friend, I want you to express yourself. We work very, very hard – uplift a lot of people, we keep balance and every now and then we need to be balanced out,” she told the group of women.

Work smarter not harder. Build the fruits of your work, cultivate those relationships that you’ve been working on, and cultivate who you are as a woman. Dig your heels in the ground because we’re up against a lot of different things,” she added.

After the brunch, the group of women were led up three flights of stairs leading up to the rooftop of Arnold’s mansion. Pink balloons were floating at the top of the ceiling reachable by the drawstrings. In just moments, after a heartfelt prayer, they would be released into the air carrying each woman’s prayer into the heavens.

Arnold’s aunt prayed before the women set out to the rooftop asking God to bless their dreams. “God, In the name of Jesus. Every woman, every Boss Chic in this room today. I want you to elevate them, take them to a higher plane. Open new doors, make horizons that are unbelievable. God we bless you right now and we thank you, As we let these balloons God we pray that they come to you and you send the answer down, In Jesus Name,” she prayed.

As the women walked the rooftop, they marveled at the waterfalls that flowed seamlessly into Arnold’s extravagant pool. It was so long, it felt like we were walking across a football field. And just like that, the countdown began and on the count of three each balloon dodged the gravity of the rain and fourth their way upward into the heavens above.

The Beauty Bar Brunch marked a new season and a new chapter of possibilities and opportunities for the women. Arnold’s Beauty Bar Bunch is held annually in Los Angeles, California as she continues to inspire self-care through friendship, sisterhood, the best in Black gifts. Each woman was encouraged to embrace a healthier lifestyle by taking vitamins like I’m So Dope’s Hair Skin and Nails Formula & Keep Yo Guard Up and Tastelli’s Drinkable Konjac Jelly.

For more information, visit Tricina Arnold on IG @tichinaarnold.


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