Opens Up About Her Biggest Hits and Latest Single “Energy”  

When Veteran songwriter Calispeedway gets into her creative zone – it’s a place where vision, business, and social aspects of music intersect and magic is made every single time. From working with artists like Trina, Jim Jones, and writing for countless independent artists to leading the culture through music inspired to motivate and effect change – Calispeedway is impacting lives one fan at a time. 

Her rise to success began with the 2018 release of her global hit Goat Cheese, a song that has over 54 thousand streams on Spotify and has been featured in over 1800 playlists worldwide. And as the demand for a re-mix grew stronger, she was generous to supply the endless demands, responding with an announcement that the next phase of Goat Cheese is 100 remixes titled Goat Cheese 100 Ways. The highly anticipated Slap House re-mix by SkyNova Beats releases on May 5th. 

“Blue cheese, goat cheese, mo please/ I’ve been spending American Cheddar/ Aint nobody finna F*** with my Feta/ If you do you bout to have a vendetta/ When we do do you better have that beretta/ Blue Cheese, goat cheese, mo please , mo please/ Blue Cheese, Goat cheese, mo please, mo please,” she raps in the songs motivating hook. 

Understanding the need to be up-to-date with the business side of the music industry, Calispeedway alongside two business partners established a music tech company called Anydemo. The company merges Artificial Intelligence voice tech and the business and social aspect of music.

I know a lot of people are apprehensive of the new voice tech that’s out, but really it’s going to change the industry forever and for the better. We are in a time where truly the artists, songwriters, producers, the fans, and the business side of music can all eat. It hasn’t always been like that but it will now,” she tells Sheen Magazine. 

Not afraid to address Black wealth in her music the multi-hyphenate artist released hit single Bottomless Bag in 2022, which to-date has been streamed on Spotify over 18 thousand times. It’s a ‘money mantra’ song that she says was inspired by the thought of having endless cash reserves. 

And with all of the creative energy brewing inside of her, Calispeeedway recently released her new single Energy. Produced by Dunlap Exclusive, she told fans that she was bringing along a special guest voice later revealed to be “AI YE.” 

I walk the walk/ Like a pedestrian/ Do you know where you going/ Yep/ You know I’m going up/ If your beneath me/ We can’t keep in touch/ Imma talk my s—/ A little not much/ Gotta out my city on/ Bron ain’t the only one/ Good in a clutch/ Money I touch/ Never too much/ Luther said it best/ We gone off red cups/ Game ain’t prepared/ We gone off the cusp,” she raps in her latest hit single. 

It’s a song she created out of her love for Kanye as a visionary and an artist. “I actually came across his  YAHNDI album and was inspired to reimagine it in a different way because there were so many good messages in it.  The video visualizer is a mash up of images and video that depict high energy situations. The song is a short anthem to get you charged up and thinking about who you are and the importance of knowing that you are energy reacting with energy all day everyday. Protect it and have fun with it.

When asked what fans could expect next, the entertainer told Sheen “I’m rebranding into the world of music and Lore with a new persona, the true me Ghetto Alien.

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