BOSS LADY” was written by Robbie Montgomery and Latoya Sharen and produced by Robbie Montgomery and Avyon. “Boss Lady’ is more than just a song; it’s an anthem of empowerment, a resonating echo of my own journey. This song speaks to the heart of being strong, embodying courage, and chasing your dreams with relentless passion. It’s about rising as a go-getter, embracing your power, and becoming whatever you aspire to be in life. ‘Boss Lady’ is not just music; it’s a testimony to the strength and resilience every woman holds within,” mentions Ms. Robbie.

The visuals to “BOSS LADY” were directed by Craig Thomas. “I wanted to show my fans a window into my world, where you see me doing everything that brings joy to my heart. Music, family, and inspiring the next generation of ladies. It’s a reminder to every woman that our lives can be as rich and fulfilling as we dare to dream,” she adds.

Ms. Robbie is currently in the studio working on her upcoming Blues album, to be released later this year.

Robbie Montgomery, often referred to as Ms. Robbie, is an esteemed American soul singer and restaurateur, who earned the title “Queen of Soul Food.” Initially an Ikette, she later joined the Mirettes and became a part of Dr. John’s “Night Trippers” in the 1970s. Montgomery’s career also included providing backing vocals for legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, the Rolling Stones, and Joe Cocker.

Suffering a collapsed lung and forced to stop singing, she decided to pour her talents into another creative venture, a soul food restaurant called Sweetie Pies. She later created the award-winning reality series, “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s”, alongside her son Tim Norman, focusing on Montgomery running her soul food restaurant, airing on the Oprah Winfrey Network for 8 seasons.

She is now reinventing herself with a new blues album on the way. She shares a message of never giving up on your dreams. “I was in my 70’s when my dreams came true, and I was blessed to come into your homes on the tv screen.” She’s gone from the stage to the television screen and is now back on the stage to share her talents once again.

Instagram: @MsRobbieSweetiePie
Facebook: /missrobbie.montgomery.18

Photo Credits: Courtesy of 2R’s Entertainment & Media