With a new advertising campaign, Twitter emphasizes the ‘power of manifesting’ on the platform, highlighting how numerous successful athletes and entertainers made initial commitments to their success via Twitter long before making their public debuts.

As part of a new billboard campaign across the country, Twitter will highlight 12 celebrities who have tweeted their dreams into reality. Celebs such as Issa Rae, Megan the Stallion, Matthew Cherry and Demi Lovato have billboards that showcase their visions as far back as 2010. According to a statement released by the popular platform, these billboards are strategically placed across eight cities. 

“To honor these athletes and other celebrities for Tweeting their dreams into existence, Twitter turned their famous Tweets into 39+ billboards! Located across 8 cities (NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, Toronto, Houston, Tampa, Talladega), most of the billboards can be found in the hometowns or teams’ locations of the stars who manifested their dreams, such as Bubba Wallace in Talladega and Diamond DeShields in Chicago.”

Twitter is also donating nearly $1 million to charities selected by each celebrity as part of the campaign.