‘JENTL is an Atlanta-based vegan body care brand that focuses on nurturing yourself and your skin. Kiana Baldon is the founder of ‘JENTL and started making hand-whipped body butter as a tool to incorporate into her daily life that reminded her to breathe, slow down, and care for her relationships with herself and others. ‘JENTL body butter is organic, cruelty-free, non-greasy, and hand-whipped in small batches by the team. These one-of-a-kind whipped body butters hydrate and nourish the skin with notes of bergamot, amber, oak, sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla that lasts all day. The creamy formula melts into an oil that thoroughly moisturizes dehydrated skin, combats eczema and inflammation, soothes burns and rashes, and prevents pilling and fades scarring. Kiana put them on the market when her friends and family raved about the butter. They sold out numerous times and became loved by Kourtney Kardashian and the entire Poosh team. By day Kiana serves in the military and in her free time she is CEO of ‘JENTL. The brand encourages up-cycling their jars and is committed to sustainability from the reusable glass jars to the packing peanuts. ‘JENTL will be launching a new product this fall. Products are available to shop on their website or at Poosh and Showfields. ‘Industry insiders trust Jentl from Glamour and InStyle to name a few. 

Kendra Y. Hill is an Atlanta-based entrepreneur, founder, business consultant, talent manager, author, and speaker. She’s a woman of color millionaire and first-generation entrepreneur who went from corporate to CEO and made Forbes Next 1000 Class of 2021. Hill recently released a book titled, “Purpose-Driven Enterprise” and just finished the book tour across The States. She also recently released a podcast titled ‘Kar Rides With Kendra’. Her professional background includes the U.S. House of Representatives, UNCF, Google, and the San Antonio Spurs, and has also produced international television. An entrepreneur since the age of 23, Kendra has been serving small businesses and corporations for over a decade. After 6 years of success with building better brands, she branched out into her true love of styling and creative direction, and now God has brought her back into the world of consulting with a different outlook. Kendra founded Kendra, Scale My Business (KSMB) in January 2020, and in less than 7-months, she and her team hit $1M in revenue; since its inception, they have made nearly $4M. KSMB serves global corporations, creators, influencers, and small business owners by helping them rapidly scale their businesses. At the same time, the services vary and range from operations management and brand development to DEI, HR, marketing, and strategic leadership. Aside from KSMB, she created The Milli Club, a mentorship, membership community of like-minded, faith-based entrepreneurs sharing strategies from different industries and more. Kendra recently spoke at the Young Leaders Conference and Women Empowering Women Los Angeles and has been a Christian minister since she was 15 years old. Hill is featured in Forbes, Insider, and Home Business Magazine to name a few.

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