Los Négros (pronounced “neh-GROS”) Organic Tequila is the brain child of Aficionado Thaddeus Massey.

Before becoming the Founder and CEO of Los Négros Spirits, Inc Thaddeus was a working man in the world of business. After a brief stint as a professional athlete, Thaddeus got his first break in the work force in the entertainment industry consulting talent in front of and behind the camera.

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Thaddeus’ experience extends throughout the industry working with major studios, agencies, and management firms on various aspects of creative projects including branding and sponsorship deals for his clientele with major beverage distribution companies. Based on my experience managing budgets and consulting, he recognized a severe lack of financial literacy in the entertainment and sports industry. As a result, he and a partner launched a financial solutions and insurance services firm, EXDS Unlimited, whose focus centers on advising Film/TV talent, athletes, and corporate executives on alternative investment options and tax advantaged vehicles for their businesses and personal estates.Once Thaddeus Massey teamed with old pal Randy Morgan, they decided to join forces forming MorMass LLC.Randy coupling his extensive background in entertainment & professional sports consultation with services from EXDS Unlimited proved invaluable for his clientele, business model, and expansion efforts.

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Thaddeus and Randy’s experience in the sports and entertainment fields allowed them to forge relationships with many spirits brands owned by Diageo & Bacardi in an effort to market, co-brand, and implement strategic endorsement opportunities for their clientele.It was in 2019 that Randy inspired Thaddeus to found the ultra-premium distilled spirit brand now known as Los Négros Organic Tequila. We were in the middle of a client appointment when Thaddeus ordered a round of tequila flights for the group to celebrate closing a deal at a local fine dining establishment. As he sipped, Thaddeus noticed not one of the “ultra-premium” tasters quite satisfied his palate.“Really?! Maybe you should just start your own brother” said Randy. It was at that moment Thaddeus conceptualized Los Négros and enlisted his partner Randy Morgan for the ride. A week later, Thaddeus booked his flight & headed to Mexico to find the best agave grower and distillery in Jalisco.

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With the assistance of friendships and business relationships, Los Négros will be featured in major venues, films, television shows, music videos, and executive events, where the world will witness the emergence of a global ultra premium brand that satisfies palates like none other.

Thaddeus claims his career exposed him to high end luxury. “In a sense, I wanted Los Négros to taste and feel like stepping out of a Black car onto a private jet wearing a Black tie or little Black dress with a Black card at your disposal…pure luxury.”, thus Los Négros.The dynamic business partners are on a mission to do something sustainable and impactful to promote change and inclusion for underrepresented groups in the Tequila world. 

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