It’s no surprise everyone is ready to get back to work after months in quarantine. We’ve just learned that Tyler Perry, his cast, and crew of his BET shows will get back to work this July.

Deadline reports that Perry is the first producer “to set start dates for U.S. shows filming in North America.”

Production will start back up on July 8th and July 28th for Sistas and The Oval. Tyler Perry Studios lives on a 330-acre lot with 40 buildings, 12 sound stages, and 200 acres of green space – making it one of the largest production facilities in the nation!

Both Sistas and The Oval will return for a second season – all 22 episodes of the season will be shot during a two-week period! Of course, Perry is taking all safety percautions and measure to ensure that everyone is safe while working.

The guidelines during filming is strict with the cast and crew in housing on the studio, the cast will be transported on private plane, and tested multiple times during filming. In addition, Carlos Del Rio from Emry Vaccine Center will be present as the testing consultant. If a member tests negative in New York and Los Angeles, they will be given permission to fly to Atlanta. Upon arriving, everyone (even those that live in the Atlanta area) will be tested.

After testing, members will be in quarantine for four hours in their rooms until the team is given the okay to resume. The cast, crew, and even Perry himself will be tested four times during this 14-day production schedule.

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