When I walked into the venue for the Tyler Perry viewing for Zatima, I imagined sitting in a dark theater and watching Tyler Perry’s newest offering. I was, however, pleasantly surprised. From outside, anyone attending knew exactly where to go as the beautifully arranged red carpet plastered the name “Zatima” anywhere eyes would look. 

Once inside, beautiful faces flooded the room. Everyone was dressed to impress, the DJ kept the energy high and the interviews kept the room’s attention. The free food and drinks made this already splendid outing even more memorable. 

Though the event was fairly short lived and the venue was prompt in closing once it was over, it left very little to be desired. “Zatima”, a spin-off from Tyler Perry’s show “Sistas”, picks up the story of the title character from the previous show and fully fleshes out her individual story. The show can be viewed on BET+ on the twelfth of this October.


Please check out an exclusive SHEEN interview below 

Photo Credits: BET Plus