North Carolina emcee and creative Tymain Robbins reveals his debut album ‘Fashionably Late’ on September 29th which is a testament and journey for him to showcase not only his story but also his amazing talent in curating music. The main story of my upcoming album revolves around self-discovery and personal growth. Each track is a chapter in this narrative, with themes of overcoming, determination and finding one’s true purpose. Fans of artists like J. Cole, Nas, and Jay-Z should find solace in Tymain Robbins.

“I also watched this Russ interview where he quoted something from John Mayor. He mentioned, “if you wait too long to drop your own songs you’re late to your own party”. That saying really stuck with me,” Tymain said. He continued with, “I’m an artist who has held on to years of music trying to create the perfect project, and it’s caused me to not drop much. The interview made me realize that during this time I’ve forced myself to be late to my accomplishments, and celebrations, current fans enjoying new music, and new fans discovering me. So, I decided that if I’m late to my party then I at least need to arrive in fashion.”

The overall LP is based on a diverse amount of topics coming from the words of Tymain himself.  The tracks that are the focus on this project are “Fashionably Late,” “Denim Tears,” and “Endless Possibilities.” “Fashionably Late” is about coming back after a hiatus and being better than ever due to the amount of work you put in over the off-season. “Denim Tears” plays on the title of the project, is filled with confidence and this song is about the embodiment of everything in your genes.  “Endless Possibilities” is about overcoming adversity and finding strength within ourselves. It’s one of those, “if I can do it, so can you” records.

His recent Rolls Royce activation event is an example of how he extends his creativity to outside the studio. The Rolls Royce listening event was inspired by the luxurious and sophisticated nature of the album. “I wanted the event to match the grandeur of the music and provide fans with a unique and memorable experience,” he said. “The Rolls Royce symbolizes both success and class, which aligns with the album’s themes of ambition and self-improvement. I really just wanted to do something different that I haven’t seen before.”

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Tymain Robbins is a Hip-Hop artist from Charlotte, NC and captivates audiences with his storytelling and clever lines. Tymain’s style places him in a space somewhere between Nas’ lyrical ability and Hov’s bravado. Throughout his career, Tymain has done collaborations with BET, Footlocker/Footaction, REVOLT and has been featured on social media favorites TheShadeRoom and Hollywood Unlocked with viral freestyles.