Tysha White is an entrepreneur who worn many hats as an entertainment and fashion writer, mother, and most recently the owner a haircare brand! She took a moment to speak with Sheen about her journey as a boss mom.

How’d you get your start as an entrepreneur?

I worked as a freelance writer, with a full-time job, for years, before actually stepping out on faith and perusing full time entrepreneurship. My pregnancy with my daughter, Suri, inspired me to jump into entrepreneurship. My entire pregnancy was extremely difficult and the job that I was working at the time just didn’t have any compassion. They put me through a lot of crap just to go do doctors visits & finally one day I decided that I wasn’t going back & was going to work for myself. I did a lot of research, put ideas out on social media, got a lot of feedback and advice, and launched my products.

What inspired you to create Suri Growth Essentials?

Ok so back story! (Laughs) I have been sitting on the “growth serum” for years. I created the product 6 years ago, but never had intentions on selling it. 6 years ago, I had a bad dye job and my hair broke off horribly, so I researched natural oils that would bring the life back into my hair. I wanted to put out a product that would not only grow your hair but help people maintain a healthy scalp. I created the Suri growth essentials brand after literally feeling lost with freelancing and asking God to point me where I needed to be. Before I knew it, the inspiration was flowing in while doing my daughter Suri’s hair. I wrote out a plan & jumped at the idea, offering a growth serum gentle enough for a child but effective enough for an adult. 

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who want to start a new business venture? 

Do your research and move with faith; doubt is the biggest killer of dreams! A lot of times we have an idea that can take us where we want to be, and we never move with it because of fear. If you’re passionate enough, the dots will connect you to your next venture.

What’s next for your brand?

More products & branding! I am currently developing sister products to compliment the growth serums! 


You can follow Tysha on Instagram, and you can learn more about her business here!