Sha’Carri Richardson has had the world on edge throughout this year’s Olympic trials. Some call her the Flo Joof their time, others label her as The Phoenix, but to her, shes a blessed warrior. Unfortunately, things took an awful turn on July 1st when the warrior was all over the news and not for breaking track times. The U.S. sprinter failed a drug test due to a banned substance and was disqualified from the Olympic 100-meter race. The next day Richardson was interviewed on the Today Show and took full ownership and responsibility for her actions. I know what I did. I know what Im supposed to do I still made that decision.However, she unveiled information that some were unaware of. While being interviewed by a reporter, he informed her that her biological mother had passed which the star was completely unaware of. That is was led to the use of the banned substance, marijuana.

While ShaCarri has a lot of supporters such as Gabrielle Union-Wade and Odell Beckham Jr., some fans are very disappointed. Twitter became the mecca for this athletic debate and caused a divide for some Olympic viewers. Some posed the question, How can we judge as people as if we havent fallen short before?Others even questioned, How would your mental be after losing your mom?A lot of conversation was had and a lot of opinions were given. Some Twitter users stated that She knew the consequences and now has to face them.Despite the comments being made Nike made an official statement and will continue to support the sprinter during this time. Richardson has been a Nike athlete since 2019 and remains so after positive marijuana test and one-month suspension.