Most people don’t think of the skin as an organ but it is actually the largest organ in the human body and one of only two that is capable of regenerating itself. It performs a valuable function, helping to keep all your other organs in place, protecting them from water and other substances in the air, and even helping with hydration and temperature control of your body.

Of course, your skin needs to regenerate regularly, it experiences cuts and damage by the sun’s rays. That’s why so many people invest time and money in moisturizers and other skincare products.

It is best to use high-quality natural products, such as those in the O cosmedics range. This will ensure everything you put on your skin is beneficial.

But, this does lead to a question regarding tolerance or acclimatization. After all, if you take painkillers regularly your body will become accustomed to the dosage and you’ll need a stronger dose to have the same effect. Is the same true for skin products?

The Short Answer

The simplest answer to this question is no. Your skin appreciates the additives and assistances that skincare products contain. It needs the products but doesn’t become tolerant of them, even if you use them every day.

The reason this is the case is that your skin doesn’t have receptors and isn’t capable of becoming immune to anything. Its purpose is to protect your body and absorb helpful substances.

Assuming you’re using a good product, your skin receptors will start absorbing it as soon as you apply it.

The only known exception to this is the use of topical retinoids. These are only available by prescription and, if you continue them for an extended period you’re likely to develop a skin rash and an intolerance of the product.

Why Skincare Products Appear To Become Less Effective

People wonder about building a tolerance to skincare products as many products seem to become less effective after you’ve used them for a while.

The truth is that when you first start using a good product your skin will benefit from it and there will be a marked difference. It’s because you haven’t been given the skin the nutrition and hydration it needs. Hence, a new product can seem to provide impressive results.

Once your skin is healthy the results are no longer visible. However, that doesn’t mean the skincare products aren’t working. If you stop using them your skin will return to the pre-skincare condition. This can happen rapidly or take a while.

The only way to really appreciate the difference is to take before and after pictures, effectively reminding you of how good your skincare product is.

Changing Your Skincare Routine

There is no need to change a product that is working for you. However, your skin changes as you age and it is always worth being aware of the changes and what products may offer more valuable assistance.

In short, you don’t have to change your skincare routine unless you feel it will be beneficial.