As the 24th season of The Voice has come to an end we’ll unravel the musical journey where extraordinary talent collided with pulsating energy. From powerhouse performances to unexpected twists, this season proved to be a symphony of emotions and unmatched vocal prowess. In our exclusive recap, discover the standout contestants who transformed each note into an unforgettable memory, and witness the evolution of the competition’s dynamics. 


In the blind auditions, the young and soulful singer, Mara Justine, amazed the judges with her crystal-clear high notes and the rockier rasp tones in her lower belts. Her passionate performance deeply captivated the hearts of the judges and audience. All four chairs turned around quickly, and there was a fierce competition among the coaches to become her mentor. Niall even used Blake’s foam finger and added some Irish charm, going as far as getting down on his knees to persuade Mara to choose him. John made a heartfelt move by starting a duet with Mara, performing “All of Me,” ultimately sealing her decision to join Team Legend.

On the second night of the Blinds, the evening took a surprising turn with the youngest contestant of the season, 16-year-old twangy songstress Ruby Leigh. She astonished everyone with her piercingly clear yodeling. This led to a delightful moment as judges Reba and Gwen showcased their own yodeling skills to demonstrate who best understood Ruby Leigh’s authentic country style during the audition.

John and Gwen swiftly turned around upon hearing the singer’s feather-toned voice singing, Minnie Rippertons ‘Lovin You’. Niall and Reba quickly followed suit as she effortlessly navigated through high and low notes, surprising everyone. Chechi Sari, with Nigerian roots and initially uncertain about choosing music over medicine, impressed everyone with a sky-high closing note that left Niall asking, “Who are you, and what planet are you from?”


Eli Ward and Jason Arcila team up for the battle round, delivering a heartfelt and sweet performance of Gwen’s favorite song, “Make It With You.” The duo incorporates smooth moves and sultry looks, singing directly to their coach, Gwen. John appreciates the song choice, saying, “What a great pick, Gwen—so fun and soulful, and you got these handsome gentlemen to serenade you.” Gwen responds with a flirty laugh, saying, “I know, I’m so selfish—I got them to sing my favorite song too!”

  • The Voice Knockouts brings action with 1 save and 5 steals in a single episode

John Legend faced a tough decision during the evening with a three-way Knockout featuring Lila Forde, Deejay Young, and Stee. Although impressed by Stee’s authenticity and musical choices, John chose to save Lila Forde, who consistently wowed with her creative performances. However, Gwen Stefani, a Stee superfan, eagerly used her steal to bring him onto her team.

Later, in the final Knockout, John seized the opportunity to add country vocalist Kristen Brown to Team Legend, stealing her from Team Gwen. Meanwhile, Team Niall’s Knockout, featuring Huntley, Claudia B., and Noah Spencer, left Niall with a difficult decision. Each artist showcased their uniqueness, with Niall ultimately choosing Huntley but regretting losing Claudia B. John Legend attempted to steal Claudia B., but she opted to remain on Team Niall.

In a surprising twist, Noah Spencer, rejected by Team Niall, became a sought-after artist. Both John Legend and Reba McEntire fought to steal him, with Reba’s emotional plea and connection to his country tone winning Noah over. The night ended with intense competition and surprising steals, showcasing the diverse talents of the contestants on The Voice.

On the final night of knockouts, the last performances from Team Niall contestants Alexa Wildish, Lenno Vanderdoes, and Julia Roome deeply resonated with the entire audience. Alexa Wildish opened with a beautiful ballad, a slowed-down acoustic version of Cher’s “Believe,” connecting so profoundly that both the judges and Alexa herself had tears streaming down their faces. Following that, the youngest contestant at 13 years old, Julia Roome, delivered a powerful and inspiring rendition of Sia’s “Unstoppable,” leaving the judges thoroughly impressed. Lastly, Lenno brought everyone to the edge with his tender performance of Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up” on the guitar, showcasing his unique sound and evoking emotions. The heartfelt performances moved all three judges to tears, with even John getting choked up in his comments. Reba came prepared, handing tissues to him and the other coaches. After such heart-wrenching performances, tears were inevitable.

Mac Royals is a standout favorite from John’s team, embodying classic 90s R&B with the ability to deliver a seamlessly sexy performance that resonates deeply. He doesn’t rely on flashy moves but captivates by simply standing there, exuding passion and conveying everything through his expressive eyes and silky melodies. In this performance, he establishes himself as the complete star package, showcasing a compelling aura, distinctive style, and a captivating sound.

Known as “The Dark Pop Diva” from Team Niall, Nini has been consistently shocking everyone since her auditions. She possesses a deep understanding of her unique style and sound, expertly infusing her flair into beloved songs like Radiohead’s. Nini excels in delivering deep sultry ballads, showcasing a distinctly outstanding vocal range. In her knockout performance of “Karma Police,” she leaves everyone awestruck, captivating the audience with her powerful voice and her ability to convey the passion and emotion the song demands.

As the season reaches its finale with the last five contestants in the live shows, Mara Justine emerges as a natural-born star. She defines her own lane of artistry and wholeheartedly devotes herself to each performance. Mara captivates the audience with her expressive facial expressions, profound connection to the lyrics, and a diverse range of jazz and soul tones. In her rendition of “Lose Control,” she immerses herself to the point of falling into the smoke and throwing her stand behind her at the song’s peak. The performance concludes with a powerful strut away from the center stage, solidifying Mara’s status as a captivating performer.

With his striking Viking-like appearance and a resemblance to the Marvel character Thor, Huntley is as bold and great as he looks. While every performance of his has been phenomenal, his recent one during the live finals brings everything together. Huntley effortlessly infuses passionate energy into a tender song, skillfully blending sincere and bold singing throughout the performance. His signature powerful rock scream leaves us in awe, wondering where he finds that much air. Huntley commands attention with his raspy sound and impressive vocal range, earning a well-deserved standing ovation.

As the curtain falls on another remarkable chapter of The Voice we discovered how this year’s contestants brought  an array of impressive performances that touched the audience’s hearts and had us at the edge of our seats. Standing out amongst them all, was Huntley from team Niall as he was voted the winner! Which was undoubtedly the right pick.  The 24th season of The Voice will be remembered not only for its incredible talent but also for these unforgettable moments that touched hearts, brought smiles, and celebrated the beauty of music.

Photo Credits: NBC/TRAE PATTON