UniQurl Aloe and Almond Moisture Sealing Hair Oil, $16.99 Hair oils are literally a gift from heaven. They’re moisturizing for the hair and does absolute wonders. Of course, hair oils are a hit and miss – some may weigh your hair down or make it appear greasy. Thankfully, this one answered all of my hair prayers and I think it could absolutely change the way you see your hair as well.

Today’s SHEEN Review is dedicated to UniQurl’s Aloe and Almond Moisture Sealing Hair Oil.

Aloe and Almond Moisture Sealing Hair Oil, $16.99

If you’re looking for a hair oil that will not only make your hair soft but also help reduce frizz – then know you’ve met your perfect match. I have been enjoying this hair oil for months now for so many great reasons. The smell of it is not overpowering, it’s light on the hair, and it is so moisturizing on the hair. The product was formulated to help your hair improve over time and it literally does all that, plus some! It’s packed with great ingredients such as soybean oil, sweet almond oil, aloe vera oil, rice bran oil, and even essential oil blend.