United We Stand, Divided We Fall, is a phrase that is used to inspire unity. If we are not united, we can be defeated and that has been proven time and time again.  It is so hard to determine exactly where we are in this country, it appears that every turn we make things are falling apart. Or maybe it’s been chipping away for years. There is an adage that says, every setback is a set up. There has been so much damage to the earth since the beginning, who is to say what change or correction would look like. So what are we setting up for?

The United States has a military that vows to protect our country and to keep us safe. We take pride in our military and take pride in our brave servicemen and servicewomen. These men and women sacrifice their lives for us because United We Stand and Divided We Fall. Our military is honored because of their sacrifices and what they have done for us. If our soldiers can come together on the battlefield, why can’t Americans stand together and protect all races in our country?

Why can’t we all stand together as one and overcome the things that have kept us divided for over 400 years? Why can’t we value the lives of minorities? Why can’t we be treated with equal respect? Why can’t we all have the same opportunities?

We can never erase history and undo the unjust of slavery or racism, but we can stand together and fight for change, we can value the lives of everyone and give equal opportunities. We can see each other as humans and that every life matters. We can right the wrong, by undoing what the past has left to haunt us.

For many years, African Americans have fought hard to be heard, fought hard for equality, we have been advocating that this country would live up to its promises to all citizens. The fight for black lives will continue until we are lifted by our counterparts and we stand united. We will continue to create opportunities for the next generation so that their lives will become easier. We will open doors and leave them open so that there will never be another opportunity to take us back. We will continue to believe that we shall overcome. We will continue to fight for justice for Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd. . . One voice, one sound!

Even though change is not moving rapidly, it is still taking place. Dr. King had a dream and we owe it to him to fulfill it. History changed when blacks were able to vote. History changed when blacks were able to get an education. History changed when blacks were able to create opportunities that were withheld; we can never be kept down no matter how hard anyone tries to keep us down. History was changed when we saw our first black president; curses have been broken when whites stood with blacks shouting no justice no peace as we rallied to break the back of racism; and we’ve made another jab at change when we saw the first African American female nominated running mate for VP of the United States. Some may still see the fall of America, but I believe it is the set up for change. And we will one day stand united. We Shall Overcome Someday.