In this inspiring feature, we explore the journey of Dr. Cozette M. White, the visionary author behind “Cozy’s Coin Counting Adventure” and “The ABCs of Financial Literacy.” From concept to creation, White has crafted more than just books; she has built a gateway to financial empowerment for young minds. Learn how her personal experiences and dedication to financial literacy for children led to the creation of these innovative educational tools. With a mission to instill financial wisdom from a young age, White is not just an author; she’s a catalyst for change. Her commitment to making financial literacy accessible, engaging, and culturally relevant has set a new standard in educational resources. Dive into the heart of her creative process, the impact of her work, and her plans to continue shaping financially savvy generations. This is a tale of passion, innovation, and the power of education to transform lives.

Tell our readers what inspired you to write “Cozy’s Coin Counting Adventure” and “The ABCs of Financial Literacy” and how these books address the current needs in children’s financial education.

As an advocate for financial literacy, I recognized the need for relatable educational resources for children. This inspired “Cozy’s Coin Counting Adventure” and “The ABCs of Financial Literacy.” I aimed to create culturally relevant content with an African-American protagonist, Cozy, a name that resonates in black communities and holds personal significance for me. These books address the critical need for early financial education, laying a solid foundation for children to understand and value financial literacy from a young age.

Could you share some insights into the creative process behind these books? How did you decide on the format, illustrations, and key learning points?

The creative journey for “Cozy’s Coin Counting Adventure” and “The ABCs of Financial Literacy” began with extensive research and finding an illustrator skilled in African-American art. I aimed to create vibrant, attractive books for grades three to five, with content, scenery, and outfits that are both realistic and captivating. The character Cozy, designed to resemble me as a young girl, adds a personal touch. My focus was on making the books relatable and engaging, ensuring that young readers are drawn to them and encouraged to revisit the lessons they impart.

How do you believe your books stand out in the realm of children’s financial literacy materials? What unique approaches or elements have you incorporated?

My books stand out in children’s financial literacy due to their unique personal touch. The main character, Cozy, reflects my own experiences, making the stories more authentic and relatable for young readers. Additionally, I’ve incorporated interactive elements like real-life scenarios and engaging activities that teach financial concepts and encourage critical thinking. The vibrant illustrations and culturally relevant content tailored to resonate with African-American children are key differentiators. These elements combine to create an immersive learning experience that is both educational and enjoyable, fostering a deeper understanding of financial literacy in a way that resonates with their own lives and experiences.

Can you share a memorable moment or feedback from a reader that particularly highlighted the impact of your books?

One particularly impactful moment came from a teacher who wholeheartedly embraced the value of these books. She praised their relatability and relevance and went a step further, purchasing copies for her entire school. Her commitment highlights a crucial point: these books aren’t just another educational resource but a vital investment in our children’s future. Her actions underscore the widespread acknowledgment that financial literacy is a missing yet essential part of public school education. This feedback speaks volumes about the necessity and impact of “Cozy’s Coin Counting Adventure” and “The ABCs of Financial Literacy” in empowering young minds with financial knowledge – a tool they can always use in their learning journey.

Financial literacy can be a complex subject. How did you ensure that the concepts in “The ABCs of Financial Literacy” are accessible and engaging for children?

To make the complex subject of financial literacy accessible to children, “The ABCs of Financial Literacy” is designed with simplicity and engagement. The book is readily available on platforms like Amazon, making it easily accessible to schools, libraries, and homes. Emphasizing its necessity, every school district should incorporate it into their reading programs. The content is tailored to be an essential part of a child’s learning journey, aiding in discussions about building generational wealth and financial legacy. It’s not just a book; it’s a tool for educators, parents, grandparents, counselors, and principals to instill vital financial principles. By integrating this book into family reading time and educational curricula, we can lay the groundwork for financially savvy future generations.

In “Cozy’s Coin Counting Adventure,” how do you balance educational content with storytelling to keep young readers engaged and learning?

In “Cozy’s Coin Counting Adventure,” the fusion of education and storytelling is carefully crafted to captivate young minds. The narrative takes readers on an exhilarating journey where the protagonist, Cozy, embarks on an adventurous trip. Cozy discovers various coins, turning the story into a fun, interactive counting adventure. This engaging approach teaches the basics of coin recognition and counting and embeds a more profound lesson in saving and financial victory. The excitement of the adventure, combined with the practical financial lessons, creates a unique and compelling reading experience that leaves children eager to learn more and parents keen to add this book to their collection.

Looking towards the future, do you have plans for more books or projects in financial education for children? What can readers look forward to next?

As a dedicated advocate for financial literacy, I am excited to share that many future projects are in the pipeline. The success of “Cozy’s Coin Counting Adventure” and “The ABCs of Financial Literacy” is just the beginning. These books are a part of the broader “Financial Literacy is DOPE Series,” which aims to educate young children of all ages about the essentials of financial knowledge.

Looking ahead, readers can anticipate a variety of new books featuring Cozy, who will guide young readers through topics like entrepreneurship, investing, generational wealth, stocks, bonds, savings, understanding inflation, banking, stock market intricacies, copyright, trademark, and insurance. Each book in the series is designed to demystify complex financial concepts, making them understandable and engaging for children.

We’re also actively seeking angel investors and partners who are passionate about this mission. The goal is to extend the reach of these educational resources globally, impacting students’ lives everywhere and empowering them with the knowledge to build a financially secure future.

Where can readers learn more about you and the books?

Readers interested in learning more about me and my work can easily find information and purchase “Cozy’s Coin Counting Adventure” and “The ABCs of Financial Literacy” on I’m available on all major social media @cozettemwhite for more engaging content and updates. 

Additionally, at or, I offer in-depth insights into my projects and initiatives in financial literacy. These platforms are great resources for anyone looking to connect, stay informed, and join the journey towards empowering the next generation with essential financial knowledge.