The CDC reports that more than 60% of adults have experienced a traumatic event in their childhood.  Renee Myers’ childhood fell within that 60% window.  She experienced a childhood fueled with emotional pain, physical abuse, poverty and sexual abuse.  Such past hurts could have paved a negative path for Renee but she persisted.  Her determination to overcome her experiences led her to writing as she healed her heart.

Renee was able to overcome struggles through consistent counseling services and her faith in God.  Her childhood family friend opened the door to her faith walk by giving her a simple invitation to church.  From there she began to experience the love of Christ which led to major accomplishments in her life.  She was the first in her family to graduate from high school.  She was also the first in her family to turn to the Christian faith.

photo by “NiceShotKyle” – Kyle Pompey

From there, Renee Myers, decided to begin writing her memoir.  Her writing was needed to aid in her healing.  Although she lived through the experiences, writing it down served as a form of therapy for her.  This healing effort birthed her newly released book entitled:  A Void Only YOU Can Heal.  Her memoir tells of her life experiences through her eyes.  Each chapter includes reflection questions for introspection and shares personal photos from that moment in time.  Encouraging song lyrics and a poem also encompass her debut book title.

photo by The Cover Stalker

photo by The Cover Stalker

Renee didn’t stop there either.  She also includes local Baltimore and National therapeutic resources for your healing needs.  “I am praying that my writing will help or inspire someone in my community to know it’s not how you start but how you finish,” says Renee.  Her healing is ongoing and many sources have shared in her positive path.  “I want people to know that you can get healing from many sources but there are some voids that ONLY you can heal,” expresses Renee of her journey.  Her transformation from trauma to healing has been ever so evident in life as if she experienced the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

Renee is spreading her wings to fly.  She is soaring new heights and achieving success.  Community outreach is also vital to her positive outlook.  She worked with various youth groups in and outside of her local church setting.  Renee also serves to empower other women in their journey.  At times the lives of Black Women often lack protection.  “This book will help the black woman understand that our minds matter. Our lives matter, our healing matters and it’s ok to be: a mother, a sister, a colleague, a wife, a friend and etc while still checking in on others,” states Renee.  

Renee is hoping to inform Black women everywhere that self-care is also understanding that it’s ok to take care of yourself at times.  Women can’t continue to put the care of others before themselves. She continues to be a work in progress yet no way close to where she came from.  To connect with Renee Myers, click here. Books may be purchased in e-book & paperback form from Amazon and Ingram Sparks in October 2020.  Follow her on social media as @avoychbookpage, @ReneeMyers and @blessedhandsbyrenee.

Writer, C. Scott, is a mompreneur, blogger, freelance writer, author and self-publisher.  Follow her on social media as @curls_coils and @mysweettealife.  

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