In a captivating and introspective conversation, Alvin Garrett, the distinguished singer, songwriter, and producer, opens up about the deeply personal journey behind his latest single, “’Til I Get Back To You.”

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With soulful revelations that resonate on a profound level, Garrett shares the inspiration and emotional depth that have fueled this electrifying track. As he delves into the song’s essence of longing and hope, he also tantalizingly teases insights into his forthcoming album. Through his words, listeners are offered a unique glimpse into the soulful narrative that underpins both the single and the highly anticipated upcoming album, creating a sense of anticipation that amplifies the connection between the artist and his eager audience.

Join us as we explore his journey, insights, and the meaningful connections he’s forged through his music.


Alvin Garrett, you’ve recently released a new single titled “’Til I Get Back To You.” Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this song?

Absolutely. After promoting two albums from 2020 to 2022, I felt the need to refresh and rejuvenate my creative spirit. So, I took a much-needed break and focused more on my philanthropic work. But the music started calling me to “get back.” “’Til I Get Back To You” represents a deeply personal re-connection for me, and it’s a testimony of endurance and perseverance on behalf of love and music.


Your music has always carried a soulful essence. How does “’Til I Get Back To You” fit into your artistic evolution?

“’Til I Get Back To You” is definitely a continuation of the soulful sound and spirit that defines me as an artist. This electrifying track allowed me to capture the essence of soul music, but it pushed me to embrace a more hip-hop styled cadence with my vocal delivery. My production partner, Gerald Langford, did an amazing job of pushing my creative boundaries with the music he created.


The title of the single itself, “’Til I Get Back To You,” seems to carry a sense of anticipation. Can you expand on the meaning behind the title and lyrics?

The title “’Til I Get Back To You” encapsulates the central theme of the song — the experience of longing and anticipation. The lyrics delve into the emotions of missing someone or something and yearning to reconnect. It’s a universal feeling that I believe many can relate to, and I wanted to capture that sentiment in both the title and the lyrics.


You mentioned that this song holds a special place in your heart. Could you elaborate on what makes “’Til I Get Back To You” particularly meaningful to you?

This love song was inspired by the desperate feeling of being separated from love and freedom. 

Your music often resonates on a profound level with your listeners. How do you hope “’Til I Get Back To You” will connect with your audience?

First and foremost, I want people to feel the infectious groove and catchy melody of this song. As they listen to the lyrics, I want them to think about who or what they are longing to get back to. It can be as simple as getting home after work to kiss your lover…just be inspired to “get back.”


Your career has spanned nearly 15 years as a solo recording artist. How does “’Til I Get Back To You” fit into the broader narrative of your musical journey? 

I believe that this song really showcases my ability to evolve without abandoning my musical DNA. I always strive to stay true to who I am musically, but I never want to get caught in a cycle of creative redundancy.


Looking ahead, what can your fans expect from you in terms of your artistic endeavors?

I’m incredibly excited about what the future holds. “’Til I Get Back To You” is just the beginning, and it sets the stage for my forthcoming album “SFTY (Safety),” which is a project that’s close to my heart. My existing fans will get a chance to hear my growth and evolution on this new album.  I also hope that new listeners are inspired to travel back on the “Time Machine” to explore my musical journey over the years. 


What final message would you like to convey to your fans and listeners about “’Til I Get Back To You”?

To my fans and listeners, I want to encourage you to stay connected to your dreams and aspirations. But, if you ever lose that connection to yourself, your passions, or to anything or anyone you love… “GET BACK!” Thank you for your continued support, and I can’t wait to embark on this next musical journey with you.


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