Wait a minute, I’ve always heard from childhood until adulthood, “Don’t wear white after Labor Day” but it was never told to me when we are able to start back wearing our white clothes.

So, let’s talk about this.

Where did this rule even come from? Do people still even follow it? Where did I first hear it?

My first thought was, let me ask my mother. Surprise, she told me she never taught me that and she didn’t follow it but heard it as a fashion probably on T.V.  So, I had to do some research. This one stood out to me, and it goes back to the early 1900s when wealthy women wanted to separate themselves from the less fortunate. You had to show you could afford darker clothes in the cooler times. That’s pretty interesting. Now I can understand the concept of just simple white is cooler to wear in warmer months.

I have to admit I have followed this unwritten rule in the past and also some people around me. Its amazing how we hear and follow these sayings and traditions but actually dont know how it started or the meaning behind them.

A few other sayings I’ve heard…

“Don’t wear white to someone else wedding”

” Wear dark undergarments with white pants’

” Don’t put your hat on the bed”

“Men, don’t wear your hat inside a building”

” Match your bottom with your shoes”

Or “Match your top with your shoes”

“Don’t wear white stockings with black shoes”

“Match your belt with your shoes”

” Don’t wear socks with sandals”

Honestly, I think now more then ever in this generation people are more open with fashion. Yes, we have these unwritten rules but who is “They” to really set the ground rules.  There is another unwritten rule “Dress your age”. You might want to at least consider what attraction you want to bring to yourself.  Honestly though I do agree with “There is a time and place for everything”.

But at the end of the day as long as it’s not bringing harm to yourself or anyone else

 ” Be Free in Fashion”


Is there a Fashion Police?


Photo Credit: Jabari Wade ll