Upcycling is making its way to the runway! Leslie of Trynabstudios is a testament to that. Thrifting and using your own creativity is what this young entrepreneur is doing. She launched her shop in 2019 with the hopes to open a safe space for creative females such as herself. She mainly takes thrifted men’s clothing and up cycles them for women. Read along as she gives SHEEN the scoop on her style and how she’s inspired.

Photo credit: Isaac Nunn

What were your thoughts on the event?

Recycled runway was my first fashion show ever not only was the event a great experience but the theme this year also aligned with my brands message.

How did you feel being there?

I was very nervous the entire time I’ve never been put in a position where so many people would be looking at my work at once it. The idea was very intimidating at first. But my support system was amazing and helped keep me grounded.

Photo credit: Isaac Nunn

Where do you shop?

For the most part when I don’t make my clothes I try to shop at second hand shops and online apps.

What inspires your looks?

My personal style is very tomboyish it been that way since I can remember so when creating trynab I wanted it to be as authentic to me as possible. 95% of the pieces I upcycle are created from mens clothes!

How do you construct a piece? (what is the process)

When constructing a piece I like to go right in and start cutting. I might make more mistakes this way but it’s what works for me and helps me not overthink my projects.

Photo credit: Ambre Amari

What advice would you give to someone trying to start a fashion business?

My best advise for anyone looking to start a business would be to make sure you have a purpose for what you’re doing and know your target audience!

Anything else you would like our readers to know?

Make sure to checkout Tryna and out shop at 5507 First Ave N Birmingham AL


For more on Leslie check her out on instagram @trynaborganic & @trynabstudios