Dove Bennett is a US Army Veteran who became increasingly known for her background of perseverance, and ability to adapt to situations that have broken many. Despite all that she has been through in life after the military she states that she has been blessed to not only run a successful marketing organization, but also provide employment to others. Dove successfully transitioned from homeless to CEO in less than a year. In her new book, which is set to release in March titled Beauty in Business, details not only her miraculous story, but also motivates other women to find their inner SheEO. Through thought-provoking, insightful and engaging stories with real-world examples, she provides practical and humorous advice on the fundamentals of success for women in business.

Share with me your journey of transitioning from homeless to CEO in less than a year.

Well it has been a very humbling and life altering experience. I experienced pregnancy complications, sleeping in a van with my newborn and a toddler, trying to get a handle on my mental health issues, and ending a 5 year relationship that had become violent and unpredictable. I was so far at the bottom that I couldn’t see a way out, let alone the thought that I’d be running a business bringing in 5 figures a month and employing a team so that they could feed their own children. But when you’re that far at the bottom, you have no choice but to start climbing, so that’s what I did…with my children on my shoulders. As a single parent, I had no choice but to make something work. However, I looked up one day and realized that I was doing more than just surviving, I was thriving. 

With being a female veteran, has working outside of the military been an easy experience?

Being a female in the military was no easy experience, so it’s definitely not an easy experience as a civilian. In the military, we as women are looked down on by the male soldiers. We are treated as if we don’t belong, as if we are weak and unable to contribute, regardless of our ability to keep up with our male counterparts. Then as civilians, others automatically assume that I must be married to a soldier when they see me using veteran status anywhere. As a woman veteran, my sacrifice for this country has always been overlooked and unappreciated, but honestly I didn’t do it for the appreciation or for the acknowledgment. We live in a country where soldiers make sacrifices every single day that others cannot comprehend, yet it is done so that the ones we love are safe, and that’s all that matters in the end.

Tell me about your business and some ways that you give back to those who are homeless veterans?

I run a marketing and public relations firm called Dynasty Solutions. We primarily handle accounts for authors and entrepreneurs and our focus is to get them seen in the right light by their target audience. I love being able to assist other business owners with achieving their dreams and reaching their financial goals. I am also an advocate for both mental health and homelessness, and I donate both my time and money to organizations that assist veterans, especially the Salvation Army because they were a huge help to me when I was getting back on my feet. 

What are some helpful tips for female entrepreneurs in a male-dominated society? 

Stop trying so hard to fit in! Females are truly amazing and we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We spend so much time trying to get our male counterparts to respect us and to acknowledge our potential but we don’t need their respect nor their acknowledgment. The only reason that we live in a male dominated society is because women have remained quiet for so long, but it doesn’t need to be that way. If you are a female striving for success with entrepreneurship, stop trying to fit into a man’s world and show those traits that make you the amazing woman that you are. That is what is going to make you successful. 

What upcoming events do you have?

I have my new book being released in a few months which is being followed by some speaking engagements and book signings. I am also competing in a business pageant this year in Florida. I have a documentary in the works plus the expansion of Dynasty Solutions. All of my upcoming events may be tracked on my website,

You have a new book on the way, share with me the details and how readers can purchase. 

Beauty in Business, designed for the SheEO is a motivational blueprint that outlines women in history who have made truly remarkable things happen from nothing. It also gives guidance and advice on how to draw out traits that women possess and maximize in the workplace and the business world. I truly found success by tapping into the things that made me who I am. Every OCD tendency, every emotion, every ability to multitask, every instinct, I amplified it with my business. This books really goes into how women should embrace all of womanhood in business. My book will be released in the beginning of March and can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, iBook’s, Google Books and across various other platforms. Details about the release and purchase can be found at

Dove Bennett continues to help women find the motivation to fight for more in life. Her success with finding the strength to overcome homelessness, being a single mother, pregnancy complications and mental health, led to her building a successful business. This is proof that no matter what you go through are may be going through in life, things can turn around if you just continue to fight and believe in yourself!

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All images by C. West