As summer is here, you’ll surely have vacation plans in mind. But the hardest plan of holiday planning for men is deciding what to pack for the trip. You may even find it more challenging than budgeting. Wondering how to level up your style game without breaking a sweat? Don’t worry, you can do it with some sartorial guidelines.

With recent surveys showing that more than 90% of Americans want to dress right, it’s time to up your fashion game. And a vacation is the best time to do it, right? But you need not break the bank or revamp your wardrobe to ace your travel style. Here are some practical tips to help you get the game right.

Embrace versatility

Versatility is your secret weapon for vacation dressing. Opt for pieces that easily transition from day to night. For example, a pair of chino shorts is a good one. They’re comfy and stylish, and you can dress them up or down with a simple shirt swap.

The good thing about versatile pieces is that they go well with the packing-light rule, so there is no need to worry about your luggage load. And, of course, add fun to vacation styling!

Pick prints and colors

Vacations are all about having fun, right? Why not reflect the mindset in your travel wardrobe? Pack more vibrant colors and playful prints, even if you stick with somber hues in your routine. Consider it time to celebrate freedom, away from client meetings and office days.

You can keep things low-key by mixing dull and bright if you don’t feel up to going too loud with colors and prints.

Keep it light and breathable

Most people prefer tropical holidays to enjoy sunny days and tropical vibes. Unless you are traveling to the mountains, skip the heavy fabrics and embrace the lightweight ones like linen and cotton. Pack a pair of mesh shorts for a comfortable day at the beach.

Avoid anything that isn’t breathable because you will regret wearing it on the beach or a walking tour.

Ace your footwear game

Your footwear can make or break your vacation style, so it deserves more attention than you imagine. Pack sleek and versatile options like canvas sneakers or leather sandals. They’re comfortable for long walks and go well with beach picnics.

You can even dress them up for a night out. Wearing the new pairs a few times to get used to them is a good idea.

Accessories make a difference

Don’t overlook the power of accessories because they can make all the difference to your vacation style. A pair of sunglasses is a must to protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight and look good in holiday pictures.

You may want to wear a cap to keep the heat off your head. And remember to flaunt your watch if you have a stylish one.

With these easy tips in your fashion arsenal, you can ace your vacation style effortlessly. Focus on being comfortable and versatile, and add a bit of your flair to your outfits. You’ll surely make the heads turn!