Looks like there is another brand out there doing what they can to shift to cruelty-free products.

Velour, one of the most iconic eyelash lines out there has just made a huge announcement that they will no longer make mink eyelashes.

In a statement, Velour founder and CEO, Mabel Lee said, “When I first started the brand, our mission was to make lashes approachable to everyone and the promise is to provide high-quality lashes that are soft, natural-looking, and easy to apply for all-day comfort.”

Lee continued saying, “To achieve the standards that we are known for, some of our collections have included mink as a key component.” This, the statement explains, is about to change.”

This announcement comes shortly after Sephora announced that they will be phasing mink eyelashes out of their inventory. Currently, Velour has 40 mink eyelashes avaloable on their website.

The official statement reveals that “Velour will transition into a 100-percent mink free brand as of 2021.”

There are alreayd so many non-mink options avaliable from Velour so we can only imagine what they will produce now that they will be transitioning to completely mink-free eyelashes.